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Headlines from Worldchanging Seattle (09/05/08)


In celebration of the official debut of Worldchanging Seattle, we bring you our Seattle to the World series: a collection of the 100 best local innovations, institutions, policies and people that we think could benefit readers in cities around the world. We've collected your recommendations – and sought out our own – to locate what we felt was a sample of Seattle's most inspiring solutions for a better future.

We're kicking off the series with a week dedicated exclusively to the best in Seattle's food scene. This week at Worldchanging Seattle, we've been serving up profiles of Seattle's most important food-related success stories – giving you an inside look into each solution, and showing you our take on why each one is worth broadcasting to the world. As with a good meal, we hope you enjoy … and that you find plenty of opportunity to share with others.

Recent posts ranged from coverage of Seattle's best policies and organizations helping improve the local food economy to a photo essay of Pike Place Market and a map of the area's best vegetarian restaurants. Check out what's new:

Solid Ground's Food Resources Programs
Since its founding in 1974, Solid Ground (originally known as the Fremont Public Association) now operates 30 creative community programs that help nearly 33,000 families combat poverty each year.

FareStart: Delicious Meals With a Social Purpose
FareStart's students, staff and volunteers work together to provide nutritious, from-scratch meals for childcare programs and homeless shelters all over Seattle, every day of the year...

Vegetarian Map of Seattle: Best Meat-Free Neighborhoods
Seattle's vegetarian-friendly culinary scene makes it both easy and extremely palatable to eat a diet that's more plant-based (or even cut out animal products entirely). Check out our Vegetarian Map for a veggie lover's-eye-view of Seattle...

Pike Place: A Photo Essay
For more than 100 years, the Pike Place Market has earned its moniker as "The Soul of Seattle," housing more than 200 commercial businesses, 120 farmers and attracting more than 10 million visitors a year...

If you're in town, we'd like to hear from you! Check out the local blog and leave comments, or contact editor[at]Worldchanging[dot]com if you have ideas or would like to write.

Photo credit: Full Circle Farm

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