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Headlines from Worldchanging Seattle (9/26/08)

Champagne%20Toast.jpgAt the Worldchanging headquarters here in Seattle, Wa. we're busy preparing for our 5th anniversary celebration next Wednesday, October 1! If you're in town, please join us to raise a toast to five years of optimism, cutting-edge debate and innovative solutions, as well as to our brand new team and our upcoming projects. You can find all the details by clicking here.

Over at our city-focused blog, Worldchanging Seattle, we recently debuted the second installment of our locally focused series, Seattle to the World: 100 Best Innovations from the Emerald City,". In this segment, we're profiling Seattle's most inspiring solutions in the category of Urban Design. We are enormously excited about this category because, as the human population continues to grow, cities offer us the opportunity not only to house people with the smallest ecological footprint possible … but also to make life for those people exciting, attractive and prosperous. Cities offer endless opportunities for human interaction, and for sharing ideas and experiences as well as physical resources. But cities depend on visionary planning and smart design to make those connections possible. We hope you enjoy these lessons from Seattle's urban landscape:

High Point: Building a Sustainable Neighborhood
This mixed-income neighborhood development in West Seattle creates a wonderfully livable environment that fulfills dreams for a diverse group of people in a way that respects both our present and our future…

Brightwater Project: Using Infrastructure for Public Education
Instead of building facilities that need to be hidden, what if we designed these critical parts of our urban infrastructure with a second purpose: to engage and educate community members?

Ecumenical Campus Coalition: A New Approach to Ownership and Community
Several church congregations in the University District, faced with the common challenges of declining memberships and the costly maintenance of oversized, aging facilities, have devised a common solution…

Living Building Challenge: Redefining what's possible in our built environment
The green building standards that we currently aspire to don't push the envelope nearly far enough. The CRGBC endeavors to change the global understanding …

Olympic Sculpture Park: An Inspired Solution for Restoration, Culture and Public Space
By replacing an urban brownfield with restored environment and a public resource, the Olympic Sculpture Park shows that urban life and the natural world can be mutually respectful and even complementary…

In addition to the series, some of our favorite recent local stories:
The Geoduck Dilemma
Park(ing) Day and the Bigger Picture of Small Spaces
Western Washington's Universities Focus on Sustainability Programs
Badly Needed: Seattle-Area School Food Programs
Outside Ideas: Sustainable Community at Pringle Creek

We'd like to hear from you! Check out the local blog and leave comments, or contact editor[at]Worldchanging[dot]com if you have ideas or would like to write.


Photo credit: Benjamin Benshneider Photography, courtesy of the Seattle Art Museum

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