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Meet the New Worldchanging Team Members

The Worldchanging Team-at-Large is enormous. Scores of writers from around the world share their work and research here on a regular basis; respected institutions on the leading edge of sustainability and social innovation are our allies; and our active network of hundreds of thousands of readers contribute smart comments, suggest new ideas and spread the word through their work.

But here at Worldchanging headquarters in Seattle, a small core staff keeps the doors open, the lights on, the blog updated and the ideas cranking. We've welcomed several new faces to the Worldchanging headquarters since spring, and we're happy to say that after plowing through an exciting summer full of new opportunities, our new staff members have settled into their roles, made them their own and have already brought about big changes, with more on the way. We're proud to introduce the newest additions to the Worldchanging staff, and we'd like you to get to know them:

Mayling%20Headshot.JPG Office Manager Mayling Chung has brought a much-needed sense of calm to our world with her organized approach. She keeps things flowing by managing Alex's tour schedule, handling logistics, official records and communications, and constantly inventing new ways to keep our systems tidy. In addition to her administrative skills, Mayling offers versatility from her experiences in unconventional business settings; the most recent of which was a Veterinary Rehabilitation facility. Mayling graduated from Colorado College with a BA in Sociology and a minor in Art Studio. In her spare time, Mayling loves to explore the Seattle area, especially when she gets to learn new things about food. She enjoys cooking, urban gardening, and traveling, and is interested in human and animal welfare.

Morgan%20Headshot.JPGWorldchanging Design Intern Morgan Greenseth landed in Seattle after earning her Bachelor's at the Art Institute of California-San Diego, and completing her Masters of Interior and Living Design at the Domus Academy in Milan, Italy and the University of Wales. Her creative and colorful mind makes her a whiz at communicating Worldchanging ideas and stories through graphics.

"As words are to the editorial staff, colors, shapes and forms are to me," she says. In addition to creating original graphics and compilations, Morgan helps organize local events, researches articles for the editorial staff, and has even spruced up our office layout to make our days more pleasant and productive. When she's not brightening up the Worldchanging office, she's designing interiors with downtown firm Dynamik. In her free time she rarely passes up an opportunity to soak up city culture, whether she's visiting a new exhibit or art gallery, attending a concert or trying out a new vegan restaurant.

Brittany%20Headshot.JPG Managing Director Brittany Jacobs, who holds an MBA from the cutting-edge Bainbridge Graduate Institute, first encountered Worldchanging in 2006 when she helped organize our book tour. She now returns, after most recently flexing her marketing, managing and networking muscles as Communications Director for Interra, a non-profit organization focused on strengthening local economies. Sitting at the helm of Worldchanging's business development, this Oklahoma native has her capable hands full managing various projects, crunching numbers, fielding proposals and planning fabulous parties and events.

While the rest of us are often happy to end the workday with veggie stew and a glass of wine, Brittany (who bikes up a big hill to the office, mind you) spends most of her free time climbing, skiing, backpacking, kite-boarding, running and otherwise maxing out her enjoyment of the gorgeous Pacific Northwest. Her endless energy motivates the team even better than our daily dose of locally roasted coffee. But what fuels Brittany better than anything is the very real quest for a better world. As this internationally savvy traveler puts it, "We look beyond our backyard and bring a global perspective to the solutions on which we report. I see this type of responsible reporting as a tool that can help shape the future in which we want to live."

Crop%20shot.JPG Associate Editor Sarah Michelle Kuck is, in her own words, "inordinately obsessed with making the world a better place." This Midwest ex-pat moved from Wisconsin to the Pacific Northwest in the fall of 2003 to attend Western Washington University's prestigious environmental journalism program. After graduation she moved to Bainbridge Island to work as an editorial assistant for Yes! Magazine, then took this knowledge to the mainland where she co-founded the online magazine seattleDIRT and community organization Sustainable Wallingford before joining Worldchanging. Our resident yoga instructor can now often be found upside-down, as she does her best thinking while handstanding against the office wall.

You can catch some of Sarah's infectious enthusiasm in her regular posts about new solutions and inspirational people, and you can thank her for keeping you in the loop by updating our social networks and managing our weekly newsletter. An avid traveler who has conducted interviews as far from home as Kenya, she says she loves her job "because it allows me to write from a perspective of both intelligence and optimism. Being able to participate in a discussion with some of the world's most brilliant thinkers and most passionate visionaries helps me realize on a daily basis that we can in fact build the world we need and want to live in."

Julia%20Headshot.JPG Managing Editor Julia Levitt sees journalism as her all-access pass to the most exciting people and ideas on the planet. She got her first real sense of how big the sustainability conversation was as a student, when she covered a social controversy over land preservation in a farming community in northeastern Brazil. Since graduating from Northwestern University, she has let her curiosity and attraction to change-makers lead her to jobs at the Medill Innocence Project, Steppenwolf Theater Co., and green start-up A Fresh Squeeze, in addition to traditional editing and writing gigs. She's thrilled to be overseeing relationships with Worldchanging's international team of writers, managing original content and editing our newest site, Worldchanging Seattle.

This Ohio native is inspired by the possibilities of merging classic values like local business and safe, walkable streets with cutting-edge goals like living buildings, zero-waste and sustainable transit to create cities that are prosperous and environmentally sound. Julia holds to the hope "that the United States is at a turning point, where an increasingly loud majority from all corners are ready to demand a future that's smarter and more efficiently powered, more fair, more resourceful and more connected." When off the clock, she loves traveling, hiking and skiing with her husband, singing loud, teaching yoga, working with kids and starting new projects on her sewing machine.

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