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What We Learned from the Worldchanging Survey

A few months ago, we started to wonder about what you, our readers, were up to.

When we sent out our Worldchanging Readers’ Survey in July, more than 1,000 of our readers responded to tell us about themselves, how they use Worldchanging, and how they feel about the site. Since it’s our five-year anniversary, and we are announcing a lot of exciting news, we thought we would share some of the responses that greatly helped us make some incredibly important decisions. Here are some highlights:

We found out that the average reader is between the ages of 25 and 34. Our audience is split almost evenly between men and women.

From your responses we learn that you are highly educated and actively engaged people. Almost 50 percent of you hold graduate degrees, while many of the rest report that you are still in school studying subjects related to sustainability, foresight and innovation.

Almost 80 percent of you told us that sustainability, foresight and social innovation is a part of your job or will be quite soon, and nearly 60 percent of you might be reading this while at your desk.

Many of you reported that you hope to connect with other readers, and that you would like to meet each other through a Worldchanging-hosted event. The idea of a Worldchanging conference, in particular, was wildly popular. We hope bring that about in the very near future.

You told us some things you would like to see change: a new look, a more global view, new ways of accessing content. We heard the message loud and clear, and we are currently hard at work to make those things happen.

In addition to lots and lots of great critical feedback and intelligent suggestions, you also told us somethings you like about us: our character and our smart, fresh, optimistic, diverse, visionary and creative style. You like our variety, our thoughtfulness, and our big picture look at what is on the forefront of the environmental debate.

In your own words:

“I like Worldchanging's forward-looking attention towards sustainability and ethical social engineering. I like that Worldchanging gives hope that even as the quality of living trends downward, there are still ways to live well and help others.”

“Forward thinking, innovative, informative, accurate, insightful, and inspiring: and all this made possible by a fantastic cohort of people who really are the best of their kind around.”

“It's a refreshing change from the usual "green movement" stuff - it challenges my own views and has a very bold way of getting the message across.”

“It is the ONLY website that is comprehensive, solutions-based, far thinking, thorough, etc.”

“I find that it is more reliable than other environmental blogs on the internet. That is, the focus is on changing the way we live rather than changing how we buy. It also takes a holistic view on how to change the world, and recognizes how only a multifaceted approach can hope to truly accomplish this goal.”

“It gives the public access to crucial discussions that would never appear in traditional media”

“It gets to the heart of things. It stays abreast of what is happening around the globe and in America. I feel like I'm getting leading edge insights.”

Thank you to those who took the time to give us some feedback! Here’s to the years ahead!

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Here Here! Keep up the great work!

Posted by: Kyle Taylor on 6 Oct 08



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