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The First Open Sustainability Network Unconference

Open%20Sustainability%20Network.jpgIn the past few years, we've watched happily the creation of open source networks in fields from architecture to design, information to images. These collaborative frameworks help us spread knowledge more easily and enable their dispersal to populations who may need them most.

Recently, Worldchanging ally Chris Watkins of Appropedia, (a wiki for sustainable ideas and solutions) told us about the first Open Sustainability Network unconference. The event, known also as OSNCamp 2008, will take place Oct. 18 and 19 at San Fransisco State University. Unconference attendees will gather next weekend to discuss free content and knowledge sharing in sustainability, international development, appropriate technology and solutions to poverty.

Registration for the conference is free, but as its organizers say, "in true unconference style, all attendees are expected to contribute to running the event in some way. For some people this means giving a presentation or running a tutorial. For others it means podcasting the event, organizing carpools, donating food, or making sure the rooms are stocked with whiteboard markers."

Here are some words from Chris about open sustainability and how the unconference works:

Why “Open Sustainability”? Because when we build our own resource banks and keep them closed, we limit our impact, our potential. “Open Sustainability” is about opening up our silos of knowledge, sharing, and making links for a better world.
And… what exactly do we mean by “Sustainability”? It’s a “just sustainability” - a better quality of life for all, now and into the future, living creatively and constructively with the ecosystems that sustain us.
What’s this “Network“? It’s a vision. You don’t have to be a member to come. It’s a new network that organizations committed to knowledge-sharing are joining, and this is the first gathering.
It’s not yet another program or site to commit to - we use existing resources within the network where possible (which is why Appropedia is being used as the wiki for this event).

We've long been supporters of open sourcing sustainability solutions and fully agree with Appropedia that solutions should be shared whenever possible. If you'd like to attend, but can't make it to San Fransisco next weekend, check out OSNCamp 2008's invitation for virtual attendance.

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This is a great idea and format for knowledge sharing for world changing collaborations. I Would love to see more of these style gatherings and hear about follow up from this unconference.

Posted by: Solid Ally for Radical Change on 14 Oct 08

Thanks for the writeup!

Looking forward to a lot more new connections, and greater awareness about open licenses and other aspects of knowledge sharing. And, if you're a green geek like me, it should be a lot of fun.

Posted by: Chriswaterguy on 14 Oct 08



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