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Advice for the President? #100D. Let Your Tweet Be Heard.

text%20message%20president.jpgAs Alex stated in this week's feature post,

With the U.S. presidential race in its final few weeks, and momentum towards a possible Obama/ Democratic landslide building, it's worth beginning to ask, "What next? What happens here in America after the election?"

To help generate dialogue as the deadline approaches, we're collecting essays of 100 words or less from Worldchanging allies all over the world in response to the question: In 100 words or less, what should the next president do in his first 100 days to address the planet's most pressing problems? You'll be able to read their contributions soon.

But in the meantime, one response has started a movement of its own: Pierre Omidyar, visionary founder and chairman of eBay, turned our request around and in true digital-democratic fashion, called for public responses via twitter.

So far, the litany of responses runs the gamut from advice on diplomacy to stern calls for new energy policies and much more. And they're still coming.

If you're like most of our audience, we know you have an opinion on this issue. So get out your cell phones and add your tweet to the thread. Remember to tag it with #100d.

Let's keep this conversation going.

Photo credit: flickr/KmountMan, Creative Commons license.

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