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Graphic Series: Earthly Ideas, Week 4

Editor's note: This post is part of a series. We'll be releasing one of Worldchanging ally Andy Lubershane's original comics each week until the end of the year. While many of the issues covered in the comics have been discussed on Worldchanging in the past, we hope that you'll be able to use this new medium in a different way … whether it's in your classroom, on your office wall, or to help explain ideas to friends and family.

This week's cartoon describes cowpooling, a phenomenon that Sarah Kuck first discussed in her summer post on new words for the sustainability lexicon. For more in-depth info on the global footprint of meat eating, read Alex's 2006 essay, Spinach, Feedlots and Knowing the Backstory. For a look at how the impact of meat can touch other industries, read Craig Neilsen's post, Meat and the Biofuels Debate. And for some unconventional approaches to eating local meat, check out Alex's post, Roadkill and Sustainability.

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Andy Lubershane researches, writes and cartoons about sustainability from his home in Boston. He can be reached at alubershane[at]gmail[dot]com.

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I would also bet that local organic beef tastes better too. Where on earth do you hear about these things?

Posted by: Alex on 30 Oct 08



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