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Headlines from Worldchanging Seattle (10/31/08)
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Though the economy of the Pacific Northwest is faring much better than other regional economies around the U.S., the effects of the current recession will still force our state and city governments to re-examine their budgets very carefully. On Monday, we received the troubling news that the Seattle Office of Sustainability and the Environment was in danger of losing funding or being entirely dissolved. As one of the first such focused offices in the country, Seattle's OSE has been an example for many other U.S. city governments. Many spoke out on the issue, and it seems that we are not likely to lose the OSE in the near future. You can read that story and others in this week's headlines:

City Council to cut Office of Sustainability and Environment?
There's an interesting battle taking place between Mayor Nickels' office and the Seattle City Council right now…

An Urban Home for Bees, Birds and Butterflies
The recently launched Pollinator Pathway will transform city-owned planting strips into pollinator-friendly gardens with the hopes of igniting meaningful dialogue about the declining population of pollinators in our region.

Office of Sustainability and Environment: Response from Richard Conlin
From the City Council President: "There are two good reasons that I was willing to let this get on the table, and that I would consider it if there were future needs for cutting the budget as the economy deteriorates."

Worldchanging Seattle Interview: Jim Pittman and Maya Kocian
Jennifer Power discusses the process of environmental economics – and putting a price on Puget Sound resources -- with two experts from a Tacoma-based think tank.

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Photo credit: flickr/glockenblume, Creative Commons license.

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