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Video: Sustainable Innovation conference in Malmo

As many of you know, Alex Steffen presented last month at the Sustainable Innovation Conference in Malmo, Sweden. Worldchanging ally Joel Mulligan attended the conference with camera in hand, and has been kind enough to share his original footage here on Worldchanging.

Below you'll find a half-hour excerpt from Alex's talk, as well as Mulligan's four interviews with other conference presenters. We hope you enjoy this glimpse into Sustainable Innovation 2008!

Sustainable Innovation Conference 2008: Alex Steffen from Joel Mulligan on Vimeo.
Alex Steffen, Executive Director, Worldchanging
Steffen outlines the sustainability challenge and the vast amount of potential opportunity in finding solutions. He discusses real-world examples of systems thinking, lifecycle thinking, transparency, and backstories, and notes major opportunities for sustainable business.

Sustainable Innovation Conference 2008: Martin Charter from Joel Mulligan on Vimeo.
Interview: Martin Charter, Director, Centre for Sustainable Design
Charter describes the Sustainable Innovation conference, which is now in its 13th year. He talks about this year’s event in Malmo and about plans for next year's conference, which will take place in Farnham, UK.

Sustainable Innovation Conference 2008: Dennis Pamlin from Joel Mulligan on Vimeo.
Interview: Dennis Pamlin, Global Policy Advisor, WWF
Pamlin discusses joint-learning opportunities in China and India, and talks about the importance of moving sustainability out of the fringe and into the mainstream.

Sustainable Innovation Conference 2008: Fiona Bennie from Joel Mulligan on Vimeo.
Interview: Fiona Bennie, Senior Sustainability Advisor, Innovation at Forum for the Future
Bennie describes her work, touching on specific projects and discussing the use of images, photography, and video to engage and excite people about sustainability issues. She also discusses interactive models for human-centered research.

Sustainable Innovation Conference 2008: JohnPaul Kusz from Joel Mulligan on Vimeo.
Interview: JohnPaul Kusz, Associate Director of the Center for Sustainable Enterprise, Stuart School of Business, at Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago
Kusz presents ideas about breaking out of silos: how cross-teaching and joint projects between academic departments can lead to positive outcomes and real-world projects.

Joel Mulligan is currently completing a Masters of Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability degree in Sweden. His work involves sustainable service/systems design, facilitating sustainability-related projects with multi-stakeholder groups, and actively involving project participants in the design process. He has been exploring the use of multimedia and visuals to more effectively share information and ideas about sustainability.

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