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GHG Photos: Images of a Climate Changed World
Sarah Kuck, 6 Nov 08


They say a picture is worth a thousand words. But some images represent something more; they have the power to create lasting impressions that embed themselves in the cultural psyche and spur us to action. Striving for the latter is the photography collective GHG Photos. This New York-based agency comprises science, environmental, nature and documentary photographers who have dedicated their lives' work to bringing attention to the issue of climate change.

After years of continually running into each other at numerous climate change-related conferences and summits, and collaborating on various projects, this collective of photographers decided to coalesce their efforts into one central organization. By displaying GHG -- the scientific shorthand for greenhouse gas -- in their name, they firmly call attention to their mission.

This coalition hopes their photography will spark discussion and an appreciation of place that will bring attention and action to this global issue.

Visit their site to see samples of their work, or request presentations or talks from specific coalition members. You can also read the GHG Blog for the latest on the GHG crew, such as Steve Kazlowski's newest shots from the Arctic (like the one above), or an announcement about the recently released United Nations' global warming stamps, which feature Gary Braasch’s work.

Whether this group of diligent and passionate artists is capturing the beauty of Earth's creatures and natural systems, or displaying images of retreating glaciers and eroding shorelines, they are succeeding in their goal to providing alternative drivers for global discussion. Climate change is the greatest challenge of our time, and photographers such as the members of GHG are a great example of change makers who are helping us to see it unfold.

Photo credit: Steve Kazlowski

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