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Headlines from Worldchanging Seattle (11/21/08)
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This week we're excited to launch the newest installment of our series Seattle to the World: 100 Best Innovations from the Emerald City. We've taken suggestions from readers, and searched on our own, to identify the most game-changing innovations from Seattle's arts community.

Seattle to the World: The Arts
Artists play a crucial role in the development of cities. In order to preserve their influence on the areas that are most special to our city and our unique Seattle culture, we must value the artists and the art that makes such magic happen.

Youngstown Cultural Arts Center: A Resource By the Community, For the Community
A historic Delridge schoolhouse has been revitalized as a resource offering arts education, performance, low-income artist housing, and more.

ArtsCorps: Treating Creativity as a Basic Right
“Education is a social justice issue. I’m always surprised when people don’t see it that way,” says Tina LaPadula, Arts Corps’ Education Director and co-founder.

Mini Mart City Park: Infusing an urban wasteland with hope and imagination
The Mini Mart park is exactly the kind of living, breathing, interactive teaching tool that will instill hope for cleaning up our past mistakes and embarking on a better future.

Intiman Theatre's American Cycle: Preserving cultural heritage, promoting community connection
With its launching of the American Cycle in 2004, the Intiman Theatre has secured its place as a leader in civic engagement.

Are you here in Seattle? We'd like to hear from you! Check out the local blog and leave comments, or contact editor[at]Worldchanging[dot]com if you have ideas or would like to write.

Top photo: A boy examines a street mural in Seattle's Georgetown neighborhood.
Photo credit: flickr/slightlynorth, Creative Commons license.

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