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We know what it's like. Every day you wake up, and it seems like one crisis after another -- evil nemesis here, melting ice caps there, burning rainforests somewhere else. But do you quit? No! You get up, put on the costume, and head out for another day of doing your best to change the world.

Transitman Hard At Work

Photo by Jennifer Babuca
If you are like many other Worldchanging readers, your job is already about making a difference. But you don't stop there. You vote, you volunteer, you recycle, you educate others on the power of doing good and combating evil. From sunup to sundown, you are out fighting the forces of evil and unsustainability, in a bid to save the future.

But here's the thing: you cannot do it alone. None of us can. That's why there's Worldchanging.

The Worldchanging community helps you make sense of the planetary problems we face, from rogue asteroids to rogue oil companies, and we bring you up to date on the latest, most interesting tools for solving those problems. The essays, interviews and blog posts we deliver arm superheroes like you with the solutions and innovations you need to make an even bigger difference. Whether your job is rescuing mankind from robots or changing company strategy, untying heroines from railroad tracks or practicing sustainable design, we're here because you're here, and together we can stand up against all odds and fight the forces of evil.

Now we need you. Worldchanging may look like an imposing ice fortress on the outside, but really we're a small non-profit, and we depend in part on donations to be able to do our job. Although times are tough, there has never been a better time to support our small organization that works to make big change.

Our friends at Brighter Planet have been kind enough to donate carbon offset gifts to the first 100 donors. When you donate, make sure you include your name and email address and we will send you a receipt of carbon neutrality for a day.

Transitman Waits for for the Metro Bus

Photo by Julie Ross
Please continue to help us work towards a bright green future by donating now.

donate%20now%20buttong_100.jpg * As a 501(c)3, donations to Worldchanging are tax deductible.

* If you are wary of cyber-villains, please mail a check to:
1517 12th Ave, Ste 304
Seattle, WA 98122

Top image: Transitman Awaits a Train, photo by Helen Lessick. All photos courtesy of Christian French.

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You guys are doing great! I'll definitely be donating. Keep doing the good work.

Posted by: Kate on 4 Dec 08

I already bought the book (a whole tenner that cost me!), but I'll be making a donation. This is a great website, and you guys are doing good work.

Quick question, though - what's your opinion of the UK Transition Town movement? I haven't seen anything on it on the website, and it's not in the index of the book...

I'm investigating Transition Towns as something to put my time and effort into, and I'd be interested to read some more on it here.

Posted by: 13strong on 5 Dec 08

Hmm... tried to donate but it didn't work. Do you take donations from outside the US?

Oh well. I'll just have to buy an extra copy of Worldchanging for someone.

Posted by: 13strong on 5 Dec 08

I am happy to donate, which I see as my small way of giving back to the Worldchanging team for their tireless efforts in promoting positive solutions to the challenging issues we face.

Posted by: Paul on 8 Dec 08

Didn't work from the UK either

Posted by: Scatter on 10 Dec 08

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