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Headlines from Worldchanging Seattle (12/12/08)
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The topics of food and eating have been taking up a lot of mental space this week at the Worldchanging headquarters. Among the latest headlines on our local blog, you'll find several discussions of food-related solutions, as well as some pondering on the deeper issues behind the meals we choose to eat. To round it all out, we have Sarah Kuck's notes on Punk Rock shopping, and this week's feature story: the release of an action plan to restore our beloved Puget Sound.

Puget Sound Action Plan Unveiled
A week ago the Puget Sound Partnership announced its Puget Sound Action Agenda, which outlines how the state could make the Sound safe for fishing, shellfish harvesting and swimming by 2020.

Outside idea: Pocket Markets
These one-stand markets bring farm-fresh products to government buildings, college campuses, neighborhood corners and more every day of the week in Victoria, B.C.

The Punk Rock Flea Market
Throngs of hipsters gathered in the basement of a derelict building on 1st and Battery last Saturday to sift through handmade fashions, used books, old records and funky art.

Worldchanging Essay: The All-American Diet
Justus Stewart ponders: If sustainability requires more thoughtful living, can one solution be to localize a little further by ‘eating American’?

Confronting the Global Food Crisis: What Does it Mean to You?
On Dec. 5 and 6, local foodies, gardeners, co-op supporters and social justice fans joined together for a teach-in about the global food crisis.

Food and Community
Buying, cooking and eating food cooperatively has social, health and financial rewards. And there are many opportunities in Seattle to start experiencing food on a community level. Here are a few ideas…

Are you here in Seattle? We'd like to hear from you! Check out the local blog and leave comments, or contact editor[at]Worldchanging[dot]com if you have ideas or would like to write.

Photo credit: Photo credit: flickr/M. V. Jantzen, Creative Commons license.

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