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Worldchanging Books: In Praise of Slow

From 6 Degrees (Finland)

Ever thought that it’s you keeping your schedules happy and not vice versa? A couple of years ago Canadian journalist Carl Honoré found himself always being in a hurry and started to dig into the philosophy of slow life.

“MY RHYTHM of life had gotten so fast that I was constantly trying to save a minute here, another there. My wake-up call came when I caught myself thinking of buying a collection of One minute bedtime stories. At that point I realised that my speedaholism had gotten so bad that I was even willing to speed up the most intimate moment between me and my son,” Carl Honoré describes the crucial point of starting to live his life at a slower pace.

So Honoré gave up the race against the clock and started to ease up with his schedules. Aside from that, he wrote a book In Praise of Slow, of which he was talking about at the urban festival Megapolis 2023 in Helsinki in September.

“The idea behind slow life is not really about doing things at a snail’s pace, but at the right speed. It’s about concentrating on quality instead of quantity. Slower life is also ecologically stronger life,” Honoré explains.

In Praise of Slow has already been published in 30 countries all over the world. The problem of speeding up seems to be global. “It’s just gone crazy. We have gotten stuck in a fast-forward way of thinking. There are actually some courses on speed yoga held in London. We even want to calm down at fast speed.”

The slow-movement was created in Italy in the early 1990s, having its focus on slow food. Now the ideology has spread into various areas: the slow way of doing things can be associated with traveling, sex, management, food – you name it! “Even having sex has become a quick performance. Climb on and climb off. Making love should be something enjoyable and anything but time-oriented.”

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Terra Madre

Thanks to SlowHome for bringing this article to our attention.

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