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Global Warming Animated
Sarah Kuck, 18 Dec 08

Climate change is an enormously complex issue. Some scientists have dedicated their entire lives to researching it. They've discovered its causes (ahem, that'd be us) and have come up with some hypotheses about what will happen if we don't act soon (rising sea levels, violent storms, desertification, melting ice caps, etc).

But many people are still at varying levels of understanding when it comes to climate change: the science behind it, how it will affect our daily lives, the policies being proposed and what do to about it.

One group of people working to help us grasp the challenges we are up against are visual thinkers: artists, designers photographers and cartoonists. Lately, we've been coming across lots of great animations that can help us understand and discuss these complex issues through their entertainment and educational value, or through political and social commentary. Here are some of the best I found. They range from satirical to musical, public service to comedy:

This one is a great place to start. We reviewed Wake Up, Freak Out -- Then Get a Grip a few months ago:

Wake Up, Freak Out - then Get a Grip from Leo Murray on Vimeo.

This one shows that everyone can help save the planet and be a superhero:

Climate Change Superheroes from Loub101 on Vimeo.

This one takes a look at greenwashing and what it means to be green:

The Green Song from Mario Vellandi on Vimeo.

In this one, two polar bears argue about what causes climate change:

This one's brought to you by the good folks at Futurama. Although bitingly cynical, we thought it brought up some interesting points about politics:

This one was a winner in the 5th Annual Media That Matters Film Festival

In this one, Cap' n Dividend teaches us about how to solve the climate crisis without causing further damage to the economy:

This one's just really silly:

This one's visually stunning. Through images alone, it goes straight to the point: we have issues, let's start solving them.

Using art to help everyone understand these issues is not just helpful for explaining the problem, it can also help us creatively imagine the future. What better way to lay out your plans for an idea than with a visual representation of what it might look like?

Have you seen others animations that help explain climate change? Share in the comments below.

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These are beautifully animated and send a strong, important message. Global warming is a scary thing and maybe through artistic renditions, people can get the message out a little better.

Posted by: Nikki - Logo Design Guru on 19 Dec 08

YES! Thank you! I'm sending this entry to everyone I know...

Posted by: Christopher on 30 Dec 08

Outstanding!!! Never seen before…. I loved visiting this Blog as everytime I visit I’ll get something out of you guys…

Posted by: SEO on 20 Oct 09

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Posted by: Custom Logo Guru on 17 Nov 09

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