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Year in Review 2008: Best in Climate Change

As we look forward to the new year, we've also reflected on the old, and rediscovered some of the great events, innovations, interviews and debates that 2008 had to offer. For the next week, we will be sharing our picks for the Worldchanging team's best work from the last 12 months. Come back each day for a new collection of posts on topics from climate change to transportation, energy to health and society.

Today's Topic: Climate Change

Image credit: NASA

Whether spurring innovation or policy, movement building or transportation solutions, the call to fight climate change is a unifying force that defines our moment in history. It's easy to understand why: the time for action is now. And the more informed we are about its effects, the better we can come up with the solutions that will change the world. Below is a collection of our best posts on climate change from 2008:

Polar Agriculture
By Mark Tovey
April 1

Al Gore's Nobel Peace Prize Lecture
By Alex Steffen
April 6

Seeing China's Climate Emissions Clearly
By Alex Steffen
April 21

Carbon Accounting in New Zealand
By Craig Neilson
May 14

Extra Cheese, Hold the Methane
By Julia Levitt
May 27

The Real Green Heretics
By Alex Steffen
May 28

The Nexus of Peak Oil, Climate Change and Infrastructure
By Sarah Kuck
June 15

Cut Your Carbon and Save on Auto Insurance
By Adam Stern
July 27

Inside WCI: Thresholds
By Eric de Place
July 31

Buildings--the Biggest Bang for the Buck in Global CO2 Abatement
By Jeremy Faludi
August 6

Geoengineering: A Worldchanging Retrospective
Julia Levitt
August 20

Seeing Climate Change Through the Trees
Sarah Kuck
August 27

The Hot Spot
By Lisa Bennett
Nov. 19

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What about going vegan to save the worl... acording to the report: "Livestock's long shadow" presented by the FAO, meat industry is the nomber one cause of global warming... so Go Vegan and solve climate crisis, get a better health, stop the wors animal abuse, help solving the food crisis, and many more good things at the same time, with that simple step... go Vegan!

Posted by: Mauricio Z on 3 Jan 09

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