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Year in Review 2008: Best in Politics

As we look forward to the new year, we've also reflected on the old, and rediscovered some of the great events, innovations, interviews and debates that 2008 had to offer. For the next week, we will be sharing our picks for the Worldchanging team's best work from the last 12 months. Come back each day for a new collection of posts on topics from climate change to transportation, energy to health and society.

Today's Topic: Politics

Photo credit: flickr/selena marie, Creative Commons license.

Here at Worldchanging, we believe that the right leadership, especially in the form of smart regulations and policies, is an indispensable tool for supporting needed shifts in systems from energy to smart growth to transportation.

During the past year we've witnessed and written a lot about the glimmers of hope that have shone from the global political arena. Today, we look back at our coverage of political events that have sparked ideas and stirred up action, from the election of Barack Obama as the next American president to a series of eloquent and passionate pleas for change from our society's greatest thinkers. Below is a collection of our best posts on politics from 2008:

Can We Solve It Like This? Why the We Campaign Needs Change
By Alex Steffen
April 7

Using Disasters for Systemic Change
By Matthew Waxman
May 16

One Approach To Sustainability: Work Less
By John de Graaf
June 20

Grassroots Lobbying: Use Ideas, Not One-Click Campaigns
By Heather MacIntosh
June 24

Al Gore, Clean Energy and A Better Nation
By Alex Steffen
July 21

The Candidates and Climate: A Persistent Air of Surreality
By Alex Steffen
October 7

Climate, Energy and Environment Secretary?
By Alex Steffen
October 9

The Real Problem With Foreign Oil? Climate Change
Worldchanging Team
October 16

Citizen Diplomacy and Global Innovation
By Alex Steffen
October 17

To The Next U.S. President: 100 Words for 100 Days
Worldchanging Team
October 29

Inaugurate Change
Worldchanging Team
November 6

Charting a Course for the First US CTO
By Nancy Scola
November 18

Jim Hansen's Letter to Obama
By Alex Steffen
November 24

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