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Year in Review 2008: Best in Transportation

As we look forward to the new year, we've also reflected on the old, and rediscovered some of the great events, innovations, interviews and debates that 2008 had to offer. For the next week, we will be sharing our picks from the Worldchanging team's best work from the last 12 months. Come back each day for a new collection of posts on topics from climate change to transportation, energy to health and society.

Today's Topic: Transportation

The way we get around impacts numerous other big-picture systems, including the way we use energy, the health of our bodies and our communities, the growth patterns that can protect or degrade our land, and our economy. For this reason, the transportation sector has always been one of our favorite places to look for new innovations. This year, we covered how these innovations, like bike sharing and bus rapid transit, have continued to become widespread and popular; and looked more closely at what transportation will look like in the future. Below is a collection of our best posts on transportation from 2008:

My other car is a bright green city
Alex Steffen
January 23

Taking Aloft With Sustainable Biojet
Patrick Mazza
April 7

The Nexus of Peak Oil, Climate Change and Infrastructure
Sarah Kuck
June 15

The Autobahn's Future and One-Liter Class Racing
Gifford Pinchot III
June 23

San Francisco Goes Wireless and Real-Time to Reduce Traffic
Adam Stein
July 16

Bike, Meet the City. City, This is the Bike.
Mary Catherine O’Connor
July 17

Crunching Some Numbers on Paris Bike-Sharing Program
Adam Stein
July 16

Does the Water-Powered Car Really Work?
Adam Stein
July 15

Aviation X Prize
Alex Steffen
July 18

Cut Your Carbon and Save on Auto Insurance
Adam Stern
July 27

How Much Does Transportation Really Cost
Hassan Masum
September 7

Copenhagen, Melbourne & The Reconquest of the City
Chris Turner
December 10

Could Cell Phones Enable Bike-Sharing in the Developed World?
Jay Walljasper
December 15

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