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Year in Review 2008: Best in Essays

As we look forward to the new year, we've also reflected on the old, and rediscovered some of the great events, innovations, interviews and debates that 2008 had to offer. For the next week, we will be sharing our picks from the Worldchanging team's best work from the last 12 months. Come back each day for a new collection of posts on topics from climate change to transportation, energy to health and society.

Today's Topic: Best in Essays
Coverage of big-picture topics like climate change and politics stirred up predictions, ponderings, discussions and debates at Worldchanging. Members of the global Worldchanging Team mused about the future and transformation, and we spent a lot of time thinking and writing about what will come next. We believe strongly in the value of imagining and discussing our future today so that we can craft new visions and prepare for the changes that we need. Judging by he lively debates that we see in the comment threads, it seems that many of you agree. Today we present our collection of the best essays from 2008:

What's No Longer Impossible?
Sarah Kuck
April 14

The Ninja Gap
Ethan Zuckerman
June 5

Letter from Tällberg: Let's Talk about Transformation
Alan AtKisson
June 30

The Outquisition
Alex Steffen
July 12

Imagine What Comes After Green
WorldChanging Team
July 14

The Apocalypse Makes Us Dumb
Alex Steffen
July 15

The Problem With Walk Score, the Possibilities of Carbon Goggles
Alex Steffen
July 31

Tiny Science, Big Implications
Julia Levitt
October 9

An Invisible Solution to the 'Quiet Crisis'
Eric Roston
October 24

Letter from Stockholm
Alex Steffen
October 26

Moving Beyond Sustainability to Environmental Effectiveness
Colin Beavan
October 28

Chop Wood, Carry Water
Zaid Hassan
November 3

Evolution of the Web
Jon Lebkowsky
December 17

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