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Sanjay Gupta for U.S. Surgeon General?
Alex Steffen, 6 Jan 09

The Washington Post is reporting that President-elect Barack Obama has asked Dr. Sanjay Gupta (who we recently interviewed) to serve as surgeon general:

The offer followed a two-hour Chicago meeting in November with Obama, who said that Gupta could be the highest-profile surgeon general in history and would have an expanded role in providing health policy advice, the sources said. Gupta later spoke with Tom Daschle, Obama's White House health czar and nominee for Health and Human Services secretary, and other advisers to the president-elect.

The Michigan-born son of Indian and Pakistani parents, Gupta has always been drawn to health policy. He was a White House fellow in the late 1990s, writing speeches and crafting policy for Hillary Clinton. His appointment would give the administration a prominent official of South Asian descent and a skilled television spokesman.

What the post doesn't mention is that Dr. Gupta would bring to the administration a much deeper grounding in both global health issues and urban health innovations than recent surgeons general. Given his polished presentation skills and his fame, he may be able to make excellent use of the bully pulpit his position provides to educate Americans on the importance of an active U.S. role in global health issues, and the health benefits of sustainability and smart growth.

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As per Wikipidea, Gupta's parents are Hindus from India (punjab province).

Posted by: manas on 6 Jan 09

He is also a life extensionist! Perhaps he may help shift focus from a bit from curing diseases to preventing them. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Posted by: Edward on 6 Jan 09

After going over his background, he has a lot of achievements that might qualify him to the position. The fact that he is qualified, however, does not guarantee that he is well-fit for the job. Are there any more candidates other than him?

Posted by: News Review on 6 Jan 09

He also falsely accused Michael Moore of fudging facts... I'm not optimistic.

Posted by: B.Dewhirst on 6 Jan 09

Like B said, Gupta went ballistic about Moore's movie since it advocated universal healthcare, which most Americans want. He totally made up information like a child, showed he hadn't even seen the film, and faced no consequences for doing so.

PLEASE everyone check out the real information about Obama's unprogressive appointments and policies...

Posted by: L C on 7 Jan 09

Gupta does not have Pakistani parents. He is 100% Indian. Please get your facts straight.

Posted by: Bonnie on 13 Jan 09

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