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Thank You For Helping to Inaugurate Change!

More than 2,400 people joined us in sending this vital message to the White House. Along with our Inaugurate Change campaign partners, Focus the Nation and, we at Worldchanging thank you tremendously for your support.

President-Elect Barack Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Dear President-Elect Obama,

On January 20th, 2009, you will have the opportunity in your inaugural address to speak to the whole world at a moment of grave crisis. Your words at the podium that day will set the tone for how we as a nation rise to meet that crisis, and how our allies abroad respond.

We, the undersigned, believe you must call on all Americans to prepare for a national transformation. Scientists warn that what may be the highest safe level of climate emissions -- 350 parts per million of CO2 in the air -- is already behind us. That means we must slow down (and then begin to reverse) the flow of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere in the next 20 years if we wish to avoid catastrophe.

This is a monumental challenge, but it is an even better opportunity. We also encourage you to drive home the point that the things we must do to fight climate change are also the things we need to do to generate a strong economic recovery. Livable cities, clean energy, green jobs, new technologies, improved product design, better transportation, healthy forests and thriving family farms are all foundations of a strong new economy. American ingenuity can and will start a global recovery based on those foundations.

We encourage you to call for a national crusade to turn America into a climate-neutral nation by 2030, while building the bright green economy of the future. We also encourage you to promise policies which will drive rapid progress towards that goal, such as:

• Set a national greenhouse gas cap, fortified by an aggressive auction-and-dividend approach, so that the proceeds of the auction of carbon permits are returned to the people of the U.S. to offset any rising energy expenditures.

• Launch a national smart growth campaign, ordering all federal agencies to examine their policies' effects on the built environment and funding only infrastructure projects which stop sprawl and promote compact community and transportation choices. Preferentially support location-efficient mortgages and urban development bonds. [Smart Growth America]

• Set national building standards that will require all buildings to be carbon neutral by 2030. [Architecture 2030] Promote national policies reducing water waste and expanding green infrastructure. Greatly expand weatherization and retrofit support, helping to spur a green jobs boom among urban youth. [Green For All]

• Redirect all funding and support for fossil fuels into clean energy capacity. Underwrite investment into the infrastructure of the future, promoting smart grids and pushing the deployment of plug-in electric cars. Commit to meeting former Vice President Gore's challenge to provide all electricity in the U.S. from clean sources by 2020. [We Campaign]

• Rewrite the Farm Bill, to support smaller-scale family farms, local food, organic and heritage farming and the rapid reduction of the use of fossil fuels and irrigation water, as well as the rapid improvement of food quality in schools and low-income food programs. [The Food Declaration]

• Manage public lands and waters with carbon sequestration and biodiversity as primary goals, while supporting companies and workers transitioning to sustainable forestry, fishing and ranching. Direct agencies to work with states to promote large migration corridors linking biodiversity hotspots, and to anticipate the effects of climate change.

• Restore a respected role for science in the national debate. Appoint a science adviser on day one; invest in our national research institutions, including universities, and launch a major national environmental and climate science initiative. [AAAS and allies]

• Promote a national campaign for innovation and public outreach, funding the study of bright green innovation in universities, community colleges and schools. Support prizes for new designs and technologies and create block grants for NGOs and local governments working to spread innovation in communities and small businesses.

• Vigorously apply current and future environmental enforcement. Investigate past allegations of corruption and influence-peddling. Enforce the strictest standards of transparency and accountability in government watchdog and enforcement agencies. Raise EPA to cabinet-level status.

• Take a leadership position in international climate, trade and development talks, starting by attending this year's climate talks in Poznan, Poland as president-elect [] and then pushing hard for a treaty that sets developed world climate neutrality by 2030, and global climate-neutrality by 2050, as its targets.

We ask that you show the leadership needed to redefine our national challenge for the American people, and signal our good intentions to the rest of the world, and we pledge to do everything in our power to support the coming transformation.

With great hope,

The Undersigned

Alex Steffen
Lin Watkins
Aaron Plewke
abaz recica
shannon abbott
Abubakar Bullo
Daniel Castillejo
Dwight Adams
aditya Pawar
Adrian Kitchingman
Brian Fisher
nemo senki
Alyssa Norenberg
Alistair Langer
Alan Ely
amber la
Alasdair Reid
alex amarteifio
Alexandra Viets
Alex Grace
Alice Hinman
Garry Quinn
Ali Murdoch
JP van der Walt
Andy Lubershane
alyssa ferrer
Amalan Arulanantham
Rebecca Booher
Julia Levitt
audrey odea
Amy Breunissen
Amy Seidl
amy turkel
Ana Maia
Andrea E McDaniel
Andrea Hopkins
andrew wallace
Andrew Walston
Andrew Wiener
Amelia Neptune
Ange Bryant
Angela Hayden
Ann White
Ann Greenwood.
Anne Pope
Annie Morrissey
Anthony Spangler
Anthony Paprocki
merriah eberts
lauren higgins
Ariana Bain
Arlind Boshnjaku
Sarah Kuck
Arne Forstenberg
Stephanie Linn
Asa Hopkins
Amy Tan
avrim topel
Atul Arora
Andrea Valentin
Michael Felber
Barbara Rott
Barbara Conneely
Barbara Diamond
Barbara Lipnicka
Barry A. Daroe
blagica dameva
michelle audsley
Becky Gammon
Bee Reynolds
emily davidow
Luiz Leiite
ben brown
Beth Awalt
Benjamin Hickel
Bryan Hunt
Bill Reiswig
Bonnie Abbott
Bjorn Utgard
Bonnie Kreps
barry lehrman
Brian Sturtz
Brooke Fried
Barbara Nussbaum
bob barancik
Bonnie Czirban
Brittany Jacobs
Bonnie Cameron Wells
Bor Pungercic
Amy Jones
Brian Schwarz
Brad Domino
Brad Williams
Beth Remmes
Brian Edmison
Brielle Maxwell
Brinda Shetty
danny boyer
Beverly Veltman
chris downes
Caitlin Folgner
Sarah Callender
ewan macmaster
Ken R
Elaine Sills
Cara OBrien
Carla Gutierrez
Carol McClelland
Caroline Matsson
denise caruso
Cassie Moberg
Chris Bender
cecile wyler
Celine Massa
christopher gaddess
Carol Lockhart
Camille Magro
Chantal Forman
Lisa Brosnan
charles Mahaffey
Charlotte Ryberg
chelsea green
Anthony Vasquez-Peddie
cheryl planert
Chor Pharn Lee
Chris Lindley
Chris Doonan
Christa French
Christina Mosher
Christina Sbarra
Christine Ayres
Christopher Clement
Christopher Baan
Chris Campbell
Chris Lavallee
Carolyn Knoll
Chris Morrow
Cheryl Murphy
Colin Mutchler
Colleen Christensen
Juan Alvarez
cici rodgers
Mario Camacho
Eunjee Vella
Simon Fayard
Claire Polfus
m bridger
Kimberly Finn
Chris Robedee
craig mankowski
alexandre piacsek
Cullen Howe
David Oldroyd
dave hedden
Daimon Sweeney
Dale Olen
dan pearce
Dan Dan
Daniel Zarovy
daniela guiomar
Daniel von Sydow
danielle swenson
Eduardo Daquil Jr.
Doug Stanley
David Nottoli
David Summers
David Wennemar
David Benjamin
David Sams
Dawn Reed
Angelique Zerillo
David de Smit
Deanna Frost
Jesse Powers
Debra Brush
Dezso Simon
Diane Fischler
David Goldberg
Dhanur Grandhi
Disa Reed
Dan Plankenhorn
Donna Manion
Dom Scott
Donald Kaiser
Donna Pedroza
Holli Hamilton
Malcolm Dort
Molly Doyle
Duane Harris
Dr. E Sjahrial
Maia Nilsson
Evan Jones
Erica Howard
Erv Amdahl
Ben Rosenthal
Elizabeth Wallace
Elaine Corets
Heike Dumjahn
Edward Jewell
Ed Johnson
Ed Vortigern
elisabetta tonali
Elizabeth Terry
Ellen McGrath
Cory Morningstar
Ellen Hall
Ellen Tabak
Ernest Ochsner
Elizabeth Studor
Mayling Chung
Eleanor LeCain
Nathan Crane
Esther Peter-Davis
Erica Schlaikjer
Erik Bakke
erin howell
Erland George-Svahn
Carlos Gonzalez Anguita
esperanza garcia
Eve Roa
Ewa Jacobsson
Vincenzo Ferraro
Fabricio Astua
Fay Rotenberg
Felipe Madureira
Filipe AlvesFerreira
fiona mc andrew
Evan Young
Lucie Vejmelkova
Fred Hopwood
Bill Jacobson
john galvan
Gary Krumwiede
Gary Noren
Greg Basich
Gretchen McKay
Gregory Norminton
Lynne Reynolds
Gerry Nishikawa
Gil Friend
Graham Hopkins
Gildardo Gonzalez
Mike Gilluly
Gladwyn dSouza
Jonas Goldmann
Neal Gorenflo
Graeme Booth
Gretchen Schottin
Joanna Grist
Bradley A Harris
Garth Shaneyfelt
Geoffrey Singer
Jeff Peterson
Laura Hamilton
Harriet Riley
Heather Thomas
Heike Hiss
Nathan Held
Melissa Bryan
Huston Eubank
Ian Hicks
Richard Hitchingham
Henk Nouwens
Harry Hochheisr
Kim Gyr
Wong Adeline
Ian Cleland
Ian Crawford
Idit Caperton
Jack Palin
Isaac Smith
ilima smallwood
Imogen Martineau
Martha Downs
Inger Yancey
R Zierikzee
Ivan Dryer
Ivan Provenzale
Ivor Martin
Inger Whist
Julie Andrada
Johanna Bjork
Jamie Andrews
Joe Amoyal
jana mcclure
Janis Nowak
Jennifer Jansen
Jason Phillip
Joanne Blythe
Concerned Inhabitant
John Busby
jimmy long
Jim Cope
James Wilcox
Jeff Holiman
Jeff H
Jeffrey Miller
Jeff Oeth
Jeff Grayson
Jen Zimberg
Jeri Helen
Jesse Lehman
Jessica Maki
Edie Marshall
Jamie Florida
Judy Fox
Jim Bird
Jim Weaver
Jon Isham
Jeff Mailley
Jenn Meilleur
joanna beresford
Joanna Delson
Jody Work
Jo Ellen Siddens
Johanna Harman
john kilcher
john daniels
Jon Batson
Jordan OMalley
Jose Mingo
Josefina Oddsberg
Jean Fraser
Philip Bilik
Judith Janssen
jude asphar
Julia Erickson
Julie Kimmel
Julien Yensen Martin
Justine Pattantyus
Joe Vipond
jim Wellington
jenny kam
Nargis Kassam
Kasahun Kefyalew
Kate Lanham
Kate Rhodes
Kate Droege
Katharine Miller
Kathleen Roberton
Kathrin Winkler
Kathryn Cooper
Kathryn Tait
Kelly Biffar
Katherine Brekka
Kay Dennis
kelli pennington
kelly maire
Ken Cousins
Ken Goldsmith
k goodier
Katrin Gosling
Katharine Harding
K C Roe
Kimbra Johnson
Ashok Kini
Kinsey Service
Kelly Blynn
kolin lymworth
Keith Parker
Kristine Makwinski
Kathy Shimata
Karin Svadlenak-Gomez
Kunal Gaur
Kirsten Vanderspek
Rashmi Ramaswamy
Laine Cidlowski
Lars Schulz
Laura Trippi
Laura Marshall
Lawrence Roberts
laura beatty
Liz Birkholz
Lissa Cowan
Peggy Hartzell
Leif Utne
Lennon Flowers
Peter Schwalbenberg
Leslie Varsava
Liane Rossler
Suzanne Sparks
Lindsay Clark
Lisa Fernandez
Lisa Merlini
Lita Lundeen
Livia Blaszak
Iloria Bender
Laura McKee
Michael Paruch
Lori Roozen
Larry Shapley
Lauren Rodman
Zach Luber
Luciana Hirata
Luke Poliszcuk
e crooks
lynne cassidy
Paul Lyon
Michelle Nakaji
Margie Harlan
Ann MacPhail
Maggie Metcalfe
reny van der kamp
Mana tahaie
Manca Macuh
Mara Brettner
Margaret Tilden
maria viray
Mark Davenport
Marwin Bald
maryellen read
Mary Lou Masko
Marie Carlsson
mary turnipseed
Matt Allenbaugh
Matthew Lohan
Matthias van der Minde
Matthew Kelm
patrick maxcy
Marc Clare
Michael Puzio
David Sarpal
jim rees
melissa mcclure
Melissa Arminio
melissa kowalski
Mercedes Vaughn
Mette Skovbo
Mary Hostrup
Mike Baskin
Michael Hare
Mick Winter
Michael Metcalf
mitzie mcelhaney
michael wyler
Mark McCallum
Margaret Montgomery
Peter Reason
Moya Kaohi
Debbie Young
Teresa Chapman
Thijs Moonen
Beth Mort
Marissa Castello
Eric Martin
Melly Reuling
Lauren Foster
Jeff Salvaryn
Marc van Dongen
Mark VanDyke
tania simoes
Dee Romesburg
Nicole Moss
Ravendra Naidoo
Diana Rodriguez
Natasha Tuck
dujardin nathalie
David Platt
Nidal Mahmoud
Nicholas Lim
Nina Kantcheva
nathan lerud
N Matisse
Luis Nobre
Richard Ohlrogge
Oliver Olivo
Katheryn Holmes
maureen perron
Owen van Dijk
paul brock
Paige Richardson
Pamela Foxley
Pamela Hu
Pamela Gehrig
Melissa Meece
Pat Florez
Patrick Hearps
patricia hinkley
Patrick Sunter
Paula Short
Paul Davis
Paul Johnson
A Palmer
Chris Pearsell-Ross
peg alig
Peter Gringinger
Peter Leyden
Peter Craig
Lisa Petta
Patricia Gordon
Phil Hanson
philipp ruspeckhofer
hana choe
paula malone
Paula Hoppe
Paul Yoder
Dan Pemberton
ruth napolitano
Brian Hallgren
Patrick Rollens
Michael Meadows
Carol Singleton
Rachel Gassen
Richard Compton
Randy Hunt
Leah MacFarlane
Raven Berti
Roger Clark
Carole Gaudet
Gill Brociner
Rebecca Gerendasy
Edward Reid
raymond embry
Irene Young
Renee Gian
Caroline Rennie
Bob Vitale
Helen Gordon
Robert Hoskins
Richard miller
Rose Marie Raccioppi
Mary Robbins Jones
Robert Lawrence
Robert Simbuerger
Robert Beard
Robert Greeley
Rodney Francett
Rodrigo Romero
Romy Petrick
rosetta star
rosie ellis
Alex Rozko
Ruth Pittard
Robert Gately
Ryan King
ryan unmack
Ricky De Agrela
colin ranney
Sally Sorbello
Samantha Gibb
Sambhu Agarwala
sam Herniman
sande rowan
sandra luis
Sandy Lewis
Sande Turner
Sara Thunmarker
sarah hufbauer
Michael Sawicki
Sandy Conners
heather nobbe
Daniel Hammond
Laura Schreiner
Scott Baumberger
Scott Stowell
sarah blau
Sterling Eddy
Serena Hazard
susan fisher
Shery Greene
Shaela Cook
shaun hannah
Shannon Stevens
shantparv roloff
Sharon Hoyer
shaun pett
Susan Shaw
Shanta Manohar
Sienna So
Terry Chriss
Terri Spaeth-Merrick
Sitaram Goyal
Sarah Sklare
Michael K
Suzanne McDonald
Sarah McKenzie
Carolyne Gardner
Joe Snook
Troy Lange
Victoria Parmele
Ingo Soeding
Steve ORourke
Kate Durda
Saor Stetler
Stephen Wilkinson
Stephanie Horwitz
Steve Heising
Steve Bentley
Steven White
katie storey
Eric Streeby
Steve Bisson
Sue Frost
Susan Duncan
Susan Kish
Swami Sivananda
Susanna Ward-Saltini
Tai Seeff
tania busch
Tanya Narath
David J. Herdrich
Tawni Aaron
Daryl Taylor
Scott Leonard
Ted Rose
Terrence McNally
Teresa Ramalhal
Harry Applin
Max Mesko
Tiferet Zimmern-Kahan
Tim Moreland
Tim Morton
timothy Collien
Tim Johnson
Peggy Sowden
Tjerk Destombes
Thatch Moyle
Michael Wooten
Todd Barton
Tonya Engst
Thomas Congleton
Trevor Barton
Kim Hess
Tsidi Moahloli
Kevin Trotta
Anthony Bandy-Zalatoris
Rebecca Ho
Gayla Smith
SUZY Koehler
David c
Lisa Budnikova
vela giri
Veronica Satalich
Victoria Chatterley
Victoria Cook
Paul Cohen
Vanessa Spedding
Padmanabhan VT
Warren Smith
Terry Reece
Matthew Waxman
daniel hunter
Linda Welch
Andrea Wilde
Dan Symes
Wing Wong
willa magee
Bill Ryan
Wolf Stinnes
Inge Alexader
Jo Angell
Wanda Ballentine
Susan Wynd Novotny
Yaicha Bookhout
Yannis Stefanopoulos
Yvonne Hansen
Yveline Wilnau
Zachary Duke
Cullen Kappel
Mauricio Z
Suzanne Charles
Daniel Haubensak
Hunter Lovins
Jeannette Reed
Joel Gottlieb
Kenneth Lufkin
Ken Zakovich
Debra Hardin
Stalin Baez
Wendy Wilhelm
Yogesh Naik
Donna Ladkin
Steve Leineweber
Danielle Campbell
jon e
Citizen Bart
Amy Hetager
Wendy Liang
Chell Norton
Peter Bardaglio
Mac Tonnies
Katherine Missal
Heather Gibbons
Tania Scutt
Sarah Ingersoll
Rebecca Rodriguez
Duncan Wallace
Jean Louis Huard
Yolanda Davis-Overstreet
Marnie Cannon
Joan Kendall-Sperry
Ben Hejkal
John Hermanson
Drew Ringsmuth
Jamie Sajdak
David Wortman

Note: This is not the complete list. We have removed the names of signers who preferred to remain anonymous.

Front page photo credit: flickr/Steve Rhoades, Creative Commons license.

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