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Graphic Series: Earthly Ideas, Greywater Systems

This week's cartoon describes greywater systems. These resourceful plumbing setups collect lightly contaminated water – like the water from showers, sinks and clothes washers – and reuse it for non-potable tasks like flushing the toilet. If you'd like to learn more about greywater and related solutions, in the Worldchanging archive is a good place to start. Learn how a group of practical activists is taking matters into their own hands in Plumbing the Future: Greywater Guerrillas, or read about how greywater and other water-saving solutions are evolving into mainstream options in No Such Thing As Waste Water.

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Editor's note: This post is part of a series featuring Worldchanging ally Andy Lubershane's original graphics. While many of the issues covered in the comics have been discussed on Worldchanging in the past, we hope that you'll be able to use this new medium in a different way … whether it's in your classroom, on your office wall, or to help explain ideas to friends and family.

Andy Lubershane researches, writes and cartoons about sustainability from his home in Boston. He can be reached at alubershane[at]gmail[dot]com.

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And water from washing your hands in the sink can be used to refill the cistern - one of the simpler ways of making sure water has already been used once before it's flushed.

One such design: - there are other variations that might be a little more elegant to use.

Posted by: Chriswaterguy on 30 Jan 09

Excellent grey water comic! I have been researching the different uses for grey water for quite some time now and have come to the conclusion that using grey water to water your plants is probably the most effective way to reuse the grey water from your home. There is a Grey Water System by a company called Flotender that accomplishes that task. Check it out and let me know what you guys think..

Posted by: JB on 30 Aug 10

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