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Cutting Edge Green Gadgets

A green design competition turns up some great new ideas

by Pete Davies

I love gadgets, and I’m obsessed with things that help to increase energy efficiency. So when the two come together, I’m a very happy camper.

This will explain why I’m so excited about the second Greener Gadgets Design Competition that is currently running online. You can view the shortlist and vote for your favorites to make the shortlist that will appear for live judging at the Greener Gadgets Conference later this month.

My favorites:

  • The Power-Hog is basically a mini coin-operated meter that needs feeding before you can turn on the TV or the Wii. A great idea for teaching kids (and adults) to think about the costs of using appliances and gadgets.

  • The RITI Printer uses coffee or tea dregs as ink. No more expensive ink cartridges and no more reminding your work colleagues to recycle the darn things. But do you have to drink green tea if you want color?

  • One of my favorite gadgets, the Kill A Watt is hacked to create the Tweet-a-Watt that broadcasts how much power is being drawn by your appliances.

Check out the rest of the shortlist and don’t forget to vote!

This piece originally appeared on The TerraPass Footprint

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HMM and how many kilowatts of energy did it take to MAKE these unecessary (but cute!) gadgets???

Posted by: chookie on 20 Feb 09

It's an incredibly exciting time for young entrepreneurs to be able to design gadgets with a social edge. Keep the creative juices flowing and we'll eventually get some useful products.

Posted by: Ecoactive on 25 Feb 09

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