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Free Google Tool To Help Measure Personal Energy Consumption
Sarah Kuck, 13 Feb 09

Earlier this week, announced plans to develop a personal energy metering tool that will allow users to monitor their home energy consumption. The PowerMeter "will show consumers their electricity consumption in near real-time in a secure iGoogle Gadget," according to the organization's website.

Google believes consumers have a right to detailed information about their home energy use, and that real-time energy information could help people make smarter choices that will save them energy and money:

Our lack of knowledge about our own energy usage is a huge problem, but also a huge opportunity for us all to save money and fight global warming by reducing our power usage. Studies show that people save 5-15% of their energy costs when they have access to information about their energy consumption.

Over the next three years, with support from the Obama Administration's proposed stimulus package, more than 40 million U.S. homes are set to receive smart meters. But many currently available smart meters do not display information to the consumer, which Google states is "unacceptable:"

We believe that detailed data on your personal energy use belongs to you, and should be available in a standard, non-proprietary format. You should control who gets to see it, and you should be free to choose from a wide range of services to help you understand it and benefit from it.

The organization is currently testing the software with Google employees and seeking out utilities and smart energy device makers to partner with. When PowerMeter is released, the tool will be free and is rumored to be based on an open source model.

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Robert Cringley has an interesting take on Google's Powermeter. Check it out here -

Posted by: Scott on 14 Feb 09


von Raivo Pommer

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Posted by: liv on 15 Feb 09

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