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Enrique Peñalosa Brings Inspiration to Boston

by Robin Urban Smith

Streetfilms' Robin Urban Smith hopped a bus to Boston to hear world renowned urban strategist and champion of the livable streets movement, Enrique Peñalosa speak at the Boston Public Library. According to our friends at the LivableStreets Alliance, who organized his four day visit, more than 1,000 Bostonians attended the various events planned in his name.

Aptly nicknamed the "The Hub," or "The Walking City," Boston boasts the oldest subway system in North America and has the highest light rail ridership of any U.S. city.

Check out these other great Streetfilms for more on Enrique Peñalosa: Interview with Peñalosa, Bus Rapid Transit: Bogota, Physically Separated Bike Lanes, Enrique Penalosa talks with COMMUTErs, Ciclovia.

Editor's note: This video post comes to us from our Worldchanging allies at Streetfilms. The site is a part of the Livable Streets Network, an online community for people who are working to create sustainable cities through sensible urban planning, design, and transportation policy. Streetfilms, and their sister sites, serve as a conversation hub where people can actively discuss, report and reflect on the creation and evolution of this movement.

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