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Calling For Reader Reports: Spring Conferences

note%20takerAs much as we'd love to, we can't be everywhere that interesting discussions, conferences and events are taking place, even nearly as often as the opportunities pop up.

We do, however, have a uniquely intelligent, connected and engaged audience. And yes, we're talking to you. Since one of our main goals is to get smart, visionary people around the world to connect with one another, we encourage you to share your experiences with the Worldchanging community by posting thoughtful submissions.

Since last summer, members of Worldchanging's global audience have been volunteering to write "Reader Reports" from conferences, workshops and other world changing happenings they've attended. Because of them, we've been able to publish insider coverage from events like GreenBuild 2008 in Boston, the Third International Conference of the Congress for European Urbanism in Oslo, and the World Cities Summit in Singapore.

We love hearing and publishing your take on these events – both because we like to let others know what happened at these meetings of great minds, and also because we like to know that our readers are getting out there and swapping big and brilliant ideas with the best thinkers on the planet.

We've started a wish list of cool conferences, coming this spring, which we're dying to get an inside scoop on. If you're attending and would like to contribute your own report, please email editor[at]Worldchanging[dot]com.

Ecosystem Services: Marketing Environmental Solutions
March 12 - 13
Charlottesville, Virginia

Remaking Suburbia
March 12
Melbourne, Australia

The Future of Utilities
March 17 - 18
London, United Kingdom

Sustainable Energy Alternatives & their Impact on Low-Income Community
March 19
Greensboro, North Carolina

Sustainability 2012: Shaping an Environmental Legacy for World Cities
March 25-27
London, United Kingdom

MIT Sustainability Summit
April 24
Cambridge, Massachusetts

Blue, Green & Gold: the future of water, finance and the environment
April 27-28
Zurich, Switzerland

Sustainable Development 2009
May 13-15
Cyprus, Cyprus

If you'd like to write for Worldchanging in any capacity, we'd love to hear from you! Send your ideas to editor[at]worldchanging[dot]com.

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It has come to my attention that in the list of upcoming conferences for this spring, there was no mention of the "Go Green Expo," to be held at the Convention Center in Philadelphia, PA from March 13th-15th. Whereas this may not be a massive venue, it is held in an urban center, with a dense population. Being a college student in Philadeplhia, I feel that it would help for others to be aware of such environmentally conscious conventions.

Posted by: Owen Ward on 5 Mar 09

You may want to list the CALIFORNIA AUDUBON STATE CONFERENCE named " The Futrue of Conservation ".
Date March 15,16 to 17th .
Held at: ASILOMAR CONFERENCE GROUNDS 800 Asilomar, Pacific Grove, CA. 93950

Posted by: Raven on 6 Mar 09

A great idea - to have reports from conferences - I can rarely go and feel I miss somehting sometimes. There aren't many education conferences on the list and there are two major upcoming events -

29th March to 2nd April in Bonn there is a UNESCO Conference on ESD and then from the 10th-14th May the World Environmental Education Conference in Montreal - anyone going to either of these?

Posted by: James Hindson on 6 Mar 09

The Value Web is hosting "This Moment in Time"-- a gathering of motivated designers and facilitators-- in London March 18th and 19th. Leveraging our networks, collaborative methods, models and tools to change our world, is our intention.

You can follow us on twitter: ThisMomentnTime

Will report in via tweets and blogs. Thanks for the invite!

Posted by: jodi on 14 Mar 09

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