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Dear Readers: Help Worldchanging Win a $100,000 Grant!


Make a recurring pledge today.

We have just been offered an incredible opportunity. Worldchanging has been challenged to raise $10,000 in recurring reader pledges by May 15, 2009. If we do, our challenger will support Worldchanging with a $100,000 grant.

This is one of the most important gifts Worldchanging has ever been offered, and we need your support to get it.

algore.jpgWe know you want a sustainable future. You know that Worldchanging is a small, frugal nonprofit that does award-winning work exploring the best innovations for solving our most pressing planetary problems.'s books, media interviews and public talks help advance innovations that make a bright green future possible. And now we're just about to launch into a year of our most important work yet.

brucesterling.jpgThat work will stop unless you help us weather the recession. Precisely because we've been such an entrepreneurial nonprofit, earning most of the money to do our work, we have been hit hard by the economic downturn. If we're going to continue, we need your continued support to get us back on solid ground. As a token of our appreciation, we're offering a few exclusive gifts, described below.

We hope we can count on you to help us meet this one-of-a-kind challenge.

Thank you for your contribution.


Alex Steffen and the Worldchanging Team

wired.jpgWill you step up and help us by making a recurring pledge today?

US Donors and those using international credit cards: Click below to donate via Groundspring. (Make sure to indicate a recurring pledge!)


International Donors: Click one of the links below to donate via Paypal.

Click "subscribe" at left to make a recurring donation of $10/month.

Click "subscribe" at left to make a recurring donation of $20/month.

Click "subscribe" at left to make a recurring donation of $35/month:

nextamericancity.jpgTo make a one-time gift by check, send your gift to:
1517 12th Ave, #304
Seattle, WA 98122

Make a renewing monthly donation of $10 or more and receive exclusive gifts at the following levels:

* $10 a month - A monthly, exclusive newsletter featuring team updates, contributor spotlights, a glimpse of what is in the works, and extra behind-the-scenes commentary you won’t find anywhere else on Worldchanging.

* $20 a month - A PDF version of Worldchanging’s newest biannual publication: Solutions: A Worldchanging Review.

* $35 a month - Your name listed in our upcoming book, Bright Green.

* $100 a month - A signed copy of one of our books.

* $250 a month - An invitation to join Worldchanging for special events including an invite to our exclusive 2010 conference.

Top photo credits: flickr users Sillygwailo, NASA, and iChaz, Creative Commons license.
Image editing: Sean Conroe

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