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Headlines from Worldchanging Canada (3/31/09)
Mark Tovey, 31 Mar 09

The top stories from our Canadian blog:

Food for thought and action
What is Vancouver doing to encourage local food? A lot, as it turns out. Peter ter Weeme reports on backyard chicken coops, a challenge by city council that has already created more than 1600 new garden plots, and a system that helps restaurants green their operations.

The Missing Link
Even when a company is well-meaning, how do we get companies to do their green due diligence? Jordy Gold explores how green chill may get companies to green up.

Light pollution: space elevator show-stopper?
Space elevators are attractive, not least because they could help us get pieces for solar powersats into orbit. The problem: both powersats and the space elevator would reflect a lot of light. And light, as it turns out, has consequences. Karl Schroeder explains.

Looking at a Stimulus Package
When you're trying to trace where money goes, transparency is not the only issue. Complexity all too often rears its head. Fortunately, there are visualizations that help with that, as Tracey Lauriault shows us.

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