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Worldchanging Media Round Up
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Whether it arrived in our inbox or our mailbox, some truly amazing media has shown up recently at Worldchanging Headquarters. And it's time once again to share what we've been receiving.

The tone of most of the books, films and magazines we've received in the past couple of months reflects the serious nature of our global problems. But each, in its own way, provides a sense of motivation to create change.

The Unnatural History of the Sea
Drawing on firsthand accounts of early explorers, pirates, merchants, fishers and travelers, Professor Callum Roberts takes readers around the world and through centuries to recount how our oceans went from bountiful to desolate. The future isn't entirely bleak as Callum also describes how we are already using marine reserves repopulate the seas.

Journey to Planet Earth: The State of the Planet's Oceans
This 55 minute look at the world's oceans is the next episode of the new PBS series Journey to Planet Earth. Matt Damon hosts and narrates this award-winning series.

Climate Change: Picturing the Science
We met up with photographer Joshua Wolfe, co-producer of this book, a few months ago to talk about another one of his projects, GHG Photos. Produced with Gavin Schmidt, Climate Change: Picturing the Science takes readers on a visually shocking journey of the landscapes changed almost beyond recognition by climate change. Wolfe told us that the mission behind Picturing the Science will be to help everyone clearly see, and hopefully understand, the effects of human-induced climate change.

Eco Barons: The Dreamers, Schemers, and Millionaires Who Are Saving Our Planet
Edward Humes explores the lives the people he calls the New Rockefellers: the entrepreneurs, inventors and philosophers using lawsuits, charitable foundations, land trusts, mass protests, armies of schoolchildren and billions in corporate profits to push the world toward a new direction. Through this book and website of the same name, Humes tells the stories of the wealthy ones who are using their privileged positions to change things for the better.

Century of the City: No Time to Lose
This nearly 500 page book is the result of discussions that took place at The Rockefeller Foundation Global Urban Summit, a month-long colloquy that examined the challenges facing 21st century cities. Making its case in poignant pictures and well-written arguments from some of the world's most forward thinking urban planners, Century of the City states that we can use innovative urbanization ideas to combat sprawl, pollution and inequality to build a better world.

World Pulse
This captivating new magazine seeks to present global issues through the eyes of the world's women. The editors at World Pulse work to create a platform for the "unheard voices and innovative solutions of women worldwide." World Pulse also offers readers PulseWire, a collaborative newswire where women can connect with others and share their stories first hand.

Heatstroke: Nature in an Age of Global Warming
Anthony D. Barnosky explores what global warming will mean for nature as we know it. As the temperature rises, "the species we love, the ecosystem services that sustain us, and the wild places where we seek solace" will all undergo dramatic changes. We must use this crisis as an opportunity to change things now before it's too late for what Barnosky calls nature's "defacto museums."

The Earthscan Reader on Adaptation to Climate Change (Earthscan Readers Series)
Although many are exploring how we will mitigate climate change, others are asking 'how will we adapt?' E. Lisa F. Schipper and Ian Burton edit this edition of the Earthscan Reader, which reviews adaptation theory, disaster risk, climate change policy, vulnerability, resilience and development.

Image credit: This Is a Wake Up Call/Flickr, CC License

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