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Place Your Bids: Worldchanging Ideas Auction
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UPDATE: Bidding closes starting at 8:30 a.m. PDT on the Burtynsky prints, and closes altogether shortly after 10:00 a.m. Click here to go directly to the auction.

In particular, these Ed Burtynsky signed, limited edition original prints, from his famous ship wrecking series, are steals, selling for about a third of their gallery value:

Ed Burtynsky - Shipyard #13, Qili Port, Zhejiang Province
Ed Burtynsky - Shipyard #18, Qili Port, Zhejiang Province

Bidding closes for both in the next 30 minutes, so act quickly if you want them!

Read on to find out more... and thanks!

Worldchanging is a website of ideas. And those ideas don't emerge from a vacuum. They're the fruit on an on-going conversation among a community of people.

That community is now generously helping Worldchanging during some financially tough times by offering our readers exclusive access to some of the most exciting happenings in 2009 and 2010, in our Worldchanging Ideas Online Auction. Want a chance to be a part of the discussion where it's happening? Here's your chance!

Bidding opens TODAY at 10 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time and closes Friday, May 15 at 10 a.m. PDT. Click here to start bidding!

You'll notice that most of what's on the auction block isn't "stuff." Rather, it's access -- to the gathering places where our community meets and exchanges its best and most worldchanging ideas. These are the epicenters. The conferences below are where the magic -- the scenius -- happens.

And yes, there is also some *stuff*. We are proud to be offering several of our chairman, Ed Burtynsky's globally-recognized photographs, a trip for two to see polar bears face-to-face, Nau's game-changing apparel, and World of Good's life-changing artisan crafts.

But here's the best idea of all: proceeds from this auction will benefit Worldchanging. Your generosity, -- and that of our many Worldchanging auction partners -- will help us weather the current economic storm so we can continue bringing you smart, original, award-winning discussion of the planet's best innovations, big ideas and cutting-edge solutions for a bright green future. And don't forget: all gifts, including auction proceeds, will be matched up to $100,000, so every dollar you give as an auction bid will be worth two dollars in the end.

You can join in the scene, own some wonderful things, help Worldchanging, and (if you pay U.S. taxes) even get a write-off on next year's taxes on anything paid above street value. What a bargain! Please browse, please bid, and please tell your friends.

And now for the goods (drumroll, please)...

Four Limited Edition Prints By Edward Burtynsky
(Street value: $3,000-$4,000 per print)

Edward Burtynsky, Worldchanging's board president, is one of Canada's most respected photographers. His remarkable photographic depictions of global industrial landscapes are included in the collections of 15 major museums around the world, including the National Gallery of Canada, the Bibliotèque Nationale in Paris, the Museum of Modern Art and the Guggenheim Museum in New York. In 2008, Ed was awarded the Canadian Environment Awards' Ideas For Life Award.

These prints will auction separately.

Landscape Study #7, West Virginia 1983
edition 6/25
digital chromogenic colour print
image size: 20 x 24 inches
board size: 26 x 30 inches

Railcuts #4, C. N. Track, Thompson River, British Columbia 1985
edition 14/25
digital chromogenic colour print
image size: 18 x 22 inches
board size: 24 x 28 inches

Shipyard #13, Qili Port, Zhejiang Province, China 2005
edition 17/25
digital chromogenic colour print
image size: 22 x 18 inches
board size: 28 x 24 inches

Shipyard #18, Qili Port, Zhejiang Province, China 2005
edition 18/25
digital chromogenic colour print
image size: 22 x 18 inches
board size: 28 x 24 inches

250_LongNow.jpgOne Year of Membership to Long Now
(Street value: $2,500)

Your yearlong membership to Long Now which includes complimentary entry into all seminars and events about Long-term Thinking and other special Long Now events. In addition, you will receive an invite to join an after Seminar dinner for two. The dinner is generally with the speaker from the evening's seminar plus Long Now board members and sponsors.

The Long Now Foundation hopes to foster long-term thinking and responsibility through a series of ambitious physical and cultural projects. Through these endeavors we hope to move long-term thinking from difficult and rare, to commonplace and tractable. The first of these projects include the construction of a monument sized all mechanical 10,000 Year Clock, and a seminar series about long-term thinking hosted by Stewart Brand.

250_lift_color.jpg2 conference tickets to Lift 2010 in Geneva, Switzerland on March 3-5
(Street value: $997 per ticket)

Lift is a series of events built around a community of pioneers who get together in Europe and Asia to explore the social implications of new technologies. Each conference is a chance to turn changes into opportunities by anticipating the major shifts ahead, and meeting the people who drive them. Lift has been inspiring and connecting pioneers since 2006.

Each event is built around three key ingredients:

* Talks and workshops given by some of the moment's brightest and most inspiring people. The program is divided in two parts: the official program (15 hours of talks, managed by the Lift team) and the open program (50+ hours of workshops/talks/discussions, managed by the community via an online proposition and voting system).

* Artistic activities created to facilitate networking and inspiration, allowing attendees to network, play, create, and keep their mind fresh. This part of the conference is called the Lift Experience.

* Social events where lifters get together around our legendary fondue or a traditional Korean meal.

Lift attendees are coming from the private (entrepreneurs, managers, investors, researchers), academic (students, professors, researchers), media and art (designers, artists, journalists) and international (NGOs, UN agencies) sectors.

250_DesignIndaba.jpg2 tickets to the 2010 Design Indaba Conference in Cape Town, Feb. 24 - 26, 2010.
(Street value: $550 per ticket)

Leading international creatives have been unfolding new worlds of possibility and inspiration at the annual Design Indaba Conference since 1995. Designers, executives, fanatics and delegates have come to see the experience as an idea tonic. The 2010 edition runs in February at the Cape Town International Convention Centre, South Africa and will host more than 30 international industry pacesetters. The Design Indaba conference has been sold out for four year in a row, by attracting the world’s brightest talent, Design Indaba has become a respected institution on the creative landscape and one of the few multi-sectoral events that celebrates all the creative sectors.

250_SXSW.jpgTwo Platinum Passes to SXSW, March 12-21, 2010 in Austin, Texas
(Street Value: TBD)

SXSWeek brings together three unique industries. The Platinum Pass allows for access to SXSW Interactive, SXSW Film and SXSW Music.

The SXSW INTERACTIVE FESTIVAL celebrates the creativity and passion behind the coolest new media technologies. In addition to panel sessions that cover everything from web design to bootstrapping to social networks, attendees make new business connections at the three-day Trade Show & Exhibition and enjoy a full menu of exciting evening events.

The SXSW FILM CONFERENCE AND FESTIVAL explores all aspects of the art and business of independent filmmaking. The Film Conference hosts a five-day adventure in the latest filmmaking trends and new technology, featuring distinguished speakers and mentors. The internationally-acclaimed, nine-day Film Festival boasts some of the most wideranging programming of any US event of its kind, from provocative documentaries to subversive Hollywood comedies, with a special focus on emerging talents.

The SXSW MUSIC AND MEDIA CONFERENCE features a legendary festival showcasing more than 1,800 musical acts of all genres from around the globe on over eighty stages in downtown Austin. By day, the Austin Convention Center comes alive with conference registrants doing business in the Trade Show and partaking of a full agenda of informative, provocative panel discussions featuring hundreds of speakers of international stature. In its 23rd year, SXSW remains an essential event on the music industry calendar.

250_Etech.jpg2 Tickets to the 2010 Etech conference. Conference dates TBD
(Street value: TBD - $1490 in 2009)

ETech, the O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference, is O'Reilly Media's flagship "O'Reilly Radar" event. ETech gathers together the world's most interesting people to bring to light the important and disruptive innovations that we see on the horizon, rather than the ones that have already arrived. ETech hones in on what's going to be making a difference not this year, or maybe even next year, but around the corner as the market digests the next wave of hacker-led surprises. Since 2002, ETech has put onstage the blue sky innovation, from thought leaders finding ways to solve the world's ills to hackers modding, breaking and building for the fun of it, from P2P and swarm intelligence to social software and collective intelligence. Radical and unknown at the time, today many of the ideas first seen at ETech are on the tongues of investors and business pundits -- and in the hands of consumers, fundamentally changing the way we live, work and play.

2 Tickets to PICNIC in Amsterdam on Sept. 23-25, 2009.
(Street value: TBD.)

From 23 to 25 September 2009, thousands of creative minds ready to make a difference, will join forces in Amsterdam for the fourth edition of PICNIC. PICNIC brings together the world’s top creators, innovators, entrepreneurs and investors to explore the future of products and services at the intersection of media, technology, arts and entertainment. PICNIC is not about observation — the focus is participation. PICNIC is a platform to seek inspiration, network with peers, create a new service, experience new tools, find a business partner and participate in shaping the future. Find out more.

250_NaturalHabitat.jpgTrip for Two for a 2009 Classic Polar Bear Expedition by Natural Habitat Adventures
(Street value: $9,790 for a 2-person trip)

Natural Habitat Adventures is the world’s premier nature travel company, dedicated to providing our guests with the planet's greatest nature expeditions. Bid on a trip for 2 for a 2009 Classic Polar Bear Expedition by Natural Habitat Adventures. This Classic Polar Bear Expeditions is Natural Habitat Adventures’ "flagship" polar bear adventure. Polar bear watching in the polar bear capital of the world -- Churchill, Manitoba!

Trip Overview:

* See the world’s greatest concentration of polar bears, just outside Churchill, Manitoba
* Experience the frozen wilderness on Hudson Bay from the comfort of warm tundra vehicles
* Discover the challenges and joys of life in the far north in the outpost town of Churchill

Looking out onto the vast ice floe, we spy them, white on white. Alternately regal and whimsical and always awe inspiring, polar bears in the wild offer a natural encounter charged with drama and magic. Yet a warming climate and melting ice sheet are affecting Arctic ecosystems, threatening the future of all polar bears. Natural Habitat Adventures is responding with measures like our carbon offset program, and we have faith that humanity will rally to protect the frozen home of these engaging beasts. There’s no better time than now to see polar bears in their natural habitat, and no one better to take you up close than us. Come face to face with these kings of the north on a polar bear expedition with Natural Habitat Adventures.

R/T flight from Winnipeg to Churchill, accommodations, all meals (except either lunch or dinner on your final day in Churchill), services of NHA's professional Expedition Leaders and assistants, all activities/entrance fees, evening wildlife and cultural presentations, all taxes and service charges.

250_CAS.jpgCalifornia Academy of Sciences: Green Tour for Winner and 9 Guests in San Francisco, CA
(Street Value: $350)

Join the California Academy of Sciences' Manager of Sustainability Programs, Aaron Pope, as he takes you and eight guests on a special green tour of the new Academy building and its exhibits. Aaron will provide a unique, behind-the-scenes perspective on the Academy’s sustainability program, climate change exhibit, environmentally friendly building design, living roof ,and all other things green-related at the Academy. The winner will coordinate with Aaron Pope on setting a date once the auction ends.

The California Academy of Sciences' mission is “to explore, explain and protect the natural world”. For 150 years the Academy has a researched life on this planet and educated the public about biodiversity through its international expeditions, natural history museum, aquarium and planetarium. In September, 2008 the Academy opened the doors to its new, cutting-edge green facility which has won sparked worldwide interest and acclaim.

250_nau.jpgWomen's Rebound Jacket from Nau and Men's Rebound Jacket
(Street value: 340)

The Rebound Jacket is an unassuming technical shell that's waterproof, breathable, as soft as a shirt and packs to the size of a grapefruit. But what truly sets it apart is its remarkable 4-way stretch, for complete freedom of movement in a shell that's simple, quiet and light. The Rebound Jacket's polyester fabric is both 100% recycled and recyclable. Created from recycled post-consumer and post-industrial polyester waste, the Rebound employs cradle-to-cradle ECOCIRCLE® technology, so that at the end of its long life it can be sent back to us and recycled once again into polyester fibers for reuse. (Winner will choose size and color once the auction ends.)
View Men's Jacket
View Women's Jacket

Nau has put forward a Worldchanging Idea in the retail industry. From writing a new form of corporate charter that literally incorporated sustainability and social responsibility into the the business' core to pioneering new materials and a great new retail concept, the webfront, Nau has been not just a leader, but way out there ahead of everyone else.

250_Worldofgood.jpgHand-coiled Bamboo Bowls from World of Good
(Street value: $120)

Everything you make looks more delicious in these bowls! Independent Vietnamese artisans in the Cat Dang Village craft them using a long tradition of hand-coiled bamboo work, then partner with various workshops around town.

Original Good, World of Good, Inc.’s signature fair trade line of stylish, handmade gifts, fashion accessories, and home décor, enables more than 150 artisan groups in 34 countries around the world earn a sustainable living. Through World of Good’s network of retail, wholesale, and online partners, these artisans in developing communities are connected with mainstream retail markets, empowering consumers to use their purchasing power as a force for good, every time they shop.

For additional information about the auction or any of the items please contact brittany [at] worldchanging [dot] com

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