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The Inkanyiso Sustainable Systems Team: Providing Access to Renewable Energy
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Nominated by Alex Aylett

South Africa is in the midst of a crippling electricity crisis. It is also a major GHG emitter, thanks to its total dependence on coal-fired power plants. Lack of access to affordable and reliable energy is a key component of the conditions that keep millions of South Africans in poverty. Richard Pocock and the team he is part of at Inkanyiso Sustainable Systems provide crucial support to municipalities, companies and communities to help them deal with these challenges.

Their projects range from solar hot water heaters, bio-digester and solar cookers, to local renewable energy, grey water and community agricultural systems. Their approach is geared toward creating appropriate combinations of these technologies to provide integrated solutions to a community's energy and water needs. At the same time, they build local technical and installation capacity by working with contractors and community members previously marginalized by Apartheid.

South Africa is a country with the potential to be a model for the ways in which environmental sustainability can also help improve economic success and quality of life. Inkanyiso Sustainable Systems is a fantastic example of a local organization helping to provide the expertise, information and dedication that it will take to make that happen.


Inkanyiso Sustainable Systems
1st Floor, Morningside Chambers
510 Windermere Road, Morningside
Durban, 4001, kwaZulu Natal, South Africa
Tel : 031 312 3044 Fax : 031 312 3077

Nominator Alex Aylett is a PhD Candidate in Geography at the University of British Columbia and a Senior Research Associate at the International Centre for Sustainable Cities.

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