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Breaking News: Husk Power Systems Wins $250K Venture Competition
Robert Katz, 3 Jul 09

husk.jpgHusk Power Systems, a company we profiled here on NextBillion back in October, was announced today as the winner of the Global Business Plan competition sponsored by Draper Fisher Jurvetson and Cisco Systems.  As the winning entrant, Husk Power walks away with $250,000 in seed funding, which they will use to build and operate more power plants in rural areas of Bihar, India's poorest state.

Congratulations to Chip Ransler, Manoj Sinha and the rest of the Husk Power Systems team on this big win.  They have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Fast Company and FOX Business.  More PR will inevitably follow.

I am personally extremely excited about this development, not only because I know and like Chip and Manoj.  Part of my excitement stems from the fact that Husk Power is working in some of the poorest, worst-served parts of India - Bihar - that are hardest-hit by the poverty penalty.  Many BoP-focused companies work in relatively better-off urban areas or peri-urban villages, where average incomes are higher and consequently, so is ability to pay.

But the single biggest factor that has me so excited about this is that the Global Business Plan venture competition was not limited to socially-focused businesses.  Rather, Draper Richards and Cisco collected thousands of entries from companies around the world, most of them focused on a single bottom line.  That the winner is a legitimate triple bottom line company - generating financial, social AND environmental benefits - shows how much the social sector is mainstreaming in the eyes of "non-social" investors.

Much remains to be seen - Husk Power remains a start up, and will for the foreseeable future - but, at least for today, there is reason to celebrate in Bihar.

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That's incredible. I remember i first heard of them when they came to the University of Texas at Austin for the Social Innovation Competition (I was there during their presentation). They placed 1st and won $50,000 for their amazing work in India. Props to Husk Power Systems, especially Manoj, who had done all the groundwork and engineering for the project. I wish them the best of luck.

Posted by: Fizwhiz on 6 Jul 09

This is great gift for the people of Bihar which has maximum number of people living below the poverty line , and students from these families have to study under the
kerosene - based lantern lights. Hats Off to Chip, Manoj Sinha and his team. May God bless them in all their endeavors.
People of Bihar reallt feel proud of you Manoj Sinha Ji.
New Zealand

Posted by: Lallan Tiwari on 24 Jul 09

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