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grantcandle_main.jpgYou're invited to join the Worldchanging network in Attention Philanthropy 2009 by giving the gift of attention to a person, cause or resource you think deserves more attention than it gets. Please post your "grant" in the comments below.

It couldn't be easier. Here are the guidelines:

1. Your grant may be to a person, organization, event, website, book, database -- really anything, as long as you have no financial stake in its success.

2. Your grant must either be for a solution (or person/organization working on or exploring solutions) or for a resource for understanding a given problem that is so new and insightful that it is in itself a step towards solving the problem.

3. Your grant should come with a citation of 200 words (or fewer), simply explaining what the awardee does and why that's worldchanging. Pithy works. Including links is most welcome.

Caveats: Please be aware of the comment thread and avoid multiple pieces granting attention to the same grantee. We won't publish hate speech, climate denialism or other ideas that we think are dumb and spiteful. Otherwise, anything's fair game.

We look forward to reading a crowd-sourced catalog of worldwide best work!

Thank you,
The Worldchanging Team

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The Global Restoration Network

Originally, I was going to nominate the Regent Honeyeater Project. This group has been successfully restoring habitat in NE Victoria for the past ten years or so. What works:
- the use of local stock for revegetation
- paying attention to the details of the ecosystem being reconstructed
- involvement of local community members and farmers

While the Regent Honeyeater Project has been successful, it is a localised effort, and doesn't seem to be all that well known, even to other groups with similar intentions. This is a pity, since their depth of experience is widely applicable.

Happily, it turns out they've already received a commendation, from the Global Restoration Project.

"The overriding mission of the GRN is to link research, projects, and practitioners in order to foster an innovative exchange of experience, vision, and expertise."

Which, I think, makes the GRN a far more effective site to draw attention to.

Posted by: Tony Fisk on 7 Jul 09

Kudos to the Open Spirometry project
See web site at
This project aims to create a low cost, open-source spirometer. David Van Sickle started this project as a result of work he was doing on asthma in India. In India, as in many countries, asthma is under- and misdiagnosed, often due to a lack of equipment. Commercially available spirometers are often too expensive for clinics to purchase. Van Sickle thought than coming up with a design that could be shared for free would present opportunities to spread this technology widely by reducing the cost of spirometers from about $1,500 to $50. The Open Spirometry project is combining Van Sickle’s leadership, design ingenuity from student engineers, and communication through the web, wiki, etc. with engineers, clinicians, etc. to come up with the best, low cost design. The project is set up as an “open source” endeavor so that anyone can access their designs. This project is worthy of note for both its goals and its open and participative process.

Posted by: Stephanie Robert on 8 Jul 09

I would like to nominate the Green Tree Foundation, working to reverse the spread of desert and despair in Andhra Pradesh, South India. The GTF grows hundreds of thousands of useful tree species and delivers them free to local farmers, schools and villages. They have two focuses - helping farmers generate income by growing new crops for the area and diversifying, and backyard horticulture - taking fruit, food, fuel and shade crops to the villages and halting desertification. The founder, Gangi Setty, is a school-teacher whose passion for the greening of his district is unparalleled. These folks deserve all the attention they can get. Website coming soon here:
For now, you can read about the GTF at

Posted by: Tom Wright on 8 Jul 09

I would like to nominate the DC project, which is working to develop Green Job Training programs for the homeless in Washington, DC. Their site, although it isn't much yet is: Their group draws from an interesting mix of young people, many from the Obama '08 campaign, who got exited about the possibilities of green 'pathways out of poverty'. They are working to use stimulus job training dollars to get the homeless into the workforce and off the streets through training in weatherization, deconstruction, and clean energy installation.

It is a really worthy project showing how young people are addressing multiple challenges with innovative approaches, in this case sustainability and homelessness, that most people wouldn't think to tackle together.

Posted by: Richard Graves on 9 Jul 09

I would like to nominate NEED magazine ( and their Humanitarian IQ. NEED magazine is an award-winning publication that tells the stories of people and organizations that are trying to save the world.

They recently launched the Humanitarian IQ (, an online quiz that challenges what people know - or think they know - about humanitarian issues around the world. Combining 15 thought provoking questions and stunning photography, the Humanitarian IQ raises greater awareness of aid organization and issues.

Posted by: Anna on 9 Jul 09

I wanted to nominate , created by a friend of mine --check out the link I provided, it includes a shoutout to Worldchanging. Hope everyone enjoys the site

Posted by: Casey Firns on 10 Jul 09

Hey all,

I'm the volunteer blog editor for a fantastic volunteer-run online resource: is an online museum of environmental art, advances creative efforts to improve our relationship with the natural world. Our goal is to inform, inspire and connect people through environmental art and encourage the creation of new work that serves our communities and ecosystems.

Check it out, and witness the way that artists are changing the world.

Posted by: Moe Beitiks on 10 Jul 09

I nominate Marie Da Silva, Founder and Luc Deschamps, Director for their heartfelt development of the Jacaranda School for AIDS Orphans in Malawi. Marie is a CNN HERO from 2008, receiving honors for creating the Jacaranda Foundation,

In June, my 15 year old son, husband and I went with Marie to Malawi and spent two weeks helping out at the Jacaranda School. The school is solely for children who have been orphaned by their parent/s dying of AIDS. This year, the first 7 students have graduated and are entering university with scholarships paid for by donations from a generous Tufts Medical physican and the students in Berkshire School, MA.

Marie now has these goals: 1. Improve the Jacaranda School academic program/facilities for more graduates to enter university; 2. Create more Model Jacaranda Schools for AIDS Orphans throughout Malawi;
3. Create a formal AIDS Education Curriculum for Grades K-12 in Malawi, the USA and the world.

Marie is available to speak at your school, university, community, religious organization. She has been an effective speaker at Harvard, USC, the Berkshire School, the Wildwood School. Her speaking impact on young people and our community is powerful. The Shanghai American School students raised significant money for two buildings at the Jacaranda School. They journeyed to Malawi during our time there and we welcomed the Chinese Ambassador to the School to see the students and teachers.

Please see my amazing Jacaranda School Videos on YouTube - Screename: SweetHatttrick and the beautiful photos of the Jacaranda students on my FLICKR also with the Screename: SweetHatttrick.

Please contact me if Marie can speak to your organization or school. Once you see the Jacaranda School story at the website, if you would like to direct a donation to one of their much needed projects, you may do so via the website or send an email to Marie, Luc or me.

Thank you for taking the time to view the incredible work done by Marie and Luc at the Jacaranda School. They are honorable role models for us all.

Peace to all,

Posted by: Tobey Nelson on 17 Jul 09

I would love to 'grant attention' to a great grassroots organization set up by a friend of mine focussed on natural building projects in sub-saharan Africa. The projects are based on principles of empowerment, respect and interconnection and they integrate elements of natural building, appropriate technology and micro-enterprise to create 'life rafts' in different communities.

This Fall we will be working on a Birthing Centre in Luwero District, Uganda and a Children's Home in Tanzania. The organization is looking for support in many ways ... raising awareness, funds and/or volunteering on a build. Each project is an example of compassion in action. Learn more from viewing Thanks for sharing your attention ... feel free to pass it on! Peace and blessings, asha.

Posted by: Asha Croggon on 23 Jul 09

Cleantech Asia Online is an opinions-only web newsletter of the Clean Technology Issues affecting mostly Asia. It was founded by Mr. Dennis Posadas of the Philipiine Congressional Commission on Science, Technology and Society (COMSTE) and it features many outstanding personalities such as Mr. Gavin Edwards of the Climate and Energy Campaign of Greenpeace, and Mr. John Topping, Jr. of the Washington DC Climate Institute. The publication has just started and they are open to comments.

Posted by: Mike Du on 27 Jul 09

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