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Dear Worldchangers,

We often hear that what you like best about the Worldchanging book is that it presents so many resources to turn to for learning more details about big-picture topics.

Since we released the book, we've covered hundreds more. In fact, we recently posted our 10,000th article! And as we scrolled back through the archives, we realized that, within these pieces, we've highlighted a number of excellent books, magazines and websites. Over the past few weeks, we have combed through some of the more recent articles and have culled from them a convenient guide of useful resources.

For the next five days, we will be presenting some of the best resources from our archives. Each day we will present a collection based on the Worldchanging categories: shelter, stuff, cities, politics, business, community and planet. Each piece will be a short description of the resource and a link for finding out more.

From books on how to build better cities, to websites mapping out watersheds, this resources list is bound to help you change your thinking. If you have a favorite resource that you don't see on the list, be sure to add it to the comments below.

The Great Neighborhood Book

The Concrete Dragon

Global Green

The Chinese Dream

PlaceMatters: Cutting Edge Software for Community Planning

ICLEI: Helping Communities Prevent and Deal with Global Climate Change

ICLEI's STAR Community Index

Rails to Trails Conservancy Transforms Old Rail Lines into Routes for Walking

U.S. Green Building Council: Creating LEED Ratings and Better Informed Builders

Architecture 2030's 2030 Challenge

ThetaNoon: Renewable Energy Calculator and Community Tracking Closings and Developments

Big Box Reuse: The Book

Blue Gold: The Fight to Stop the Corporate Theft of the World’s Water

Verb Crisis

The Business and Human Rights Resource Centre

The Green Collar Economy

Take Back Your Time

The Truth About Green Business

An Atlas of Radical Cartography

Under a Green Sky: Exploring the True Magnitude of the Climate Crisis

Atlas of the Real World

The Atlas of Hidden Water

The EDGE of Existence

OpenStreetMap: Collaboratively Mapping the World

Encyclopedia of Life: A Comprehensive Guide to the World's Species

Biodiversity Hotspots: Certain Places Are Richer Than Others

Antiques of the Future

Basel Action Network

Shopping Our Way to Safety

Transmaterial 2: Tracking Emerging Sustainable Materials

Collaborative Services: How to Have More By Owning Less

The Open Society Institute

Film: Democracy in Dakar

Netsquared: Connecting Nonprofits to Technology

Rising Voices’ Projects Propel Citizen Media

Rebel, Rebel: The Protestor's Handbook The Interactive Site for Change Makers

SERVEnet: Mobilizing the Volunteer Community

VolunteerMatch: Helping Everyone Find a Place to Volunteer Virtual Volunteering

Gapminder: Open Source, Interactive Graphics

The Green Report Card: Rating University Policies and Programs

Nature's Benefits in Kenya: An Atlas of Ecosystems and Human Well-Being

Global Fund for Women: Advancing Human Rights

Emerald City: An Environmental History of Seattle


Image credit: Tochis, CC License

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Don't forget Open Green Map - a great resource for all things environmental in a town near you.

Posted by: Heather on 17 Aug 09

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