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Headlines from Worldchanging Canada (August 2009)
Mark Tovey, 31 Aug 09
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Top stories from our Canadian blog:

It's All in the Name - A New Tool Will Provide Assurance for Green Claims
There's a buzz about the .eco domain. More interesting than the competition between the two groups competing for the prize are the criteria that could be used to decide who is allowed to adopt .eco as their internet address. Peter ter Weeme explains.

Sustainability Observations From The Road
John Lewis recently returned from an extensive trip abroad, and shares his observations of sustainability efforts, including a green parliament building that symbolizes transparency by shining a beacon into the sky when the house is sitting,
and a food chain with an unusually honest approach to their sustainability efforts.

Folding mountain-bike: who says you can't take it with you?
You've seen folding commuter bikes, but this is a folding bike design of a whole different order -- a full-size mountain bike foldable into a very compact (and rollable) wheel you can pull behind you. Rod Edwards shows us a video of an amazing new design innovation.

Localizing Roadmaps
A number of sustainability roadmaps have hit bookstores in the last few years, including Plan B 3.0, Winning the Oil Endgame, and Sustainable Energy Without All the Hot Air. These propose to show how we might credibly reduce energy consumption and GHG emissions while retaining many of the the things about modern life we value. Some of these offer use cases for Britain, some for the US. Using Ottawa as an example, Mark Tovey considers how we might re-localize these roadmaps to other parts of the globe, taking into account local conditions, governance, and resources.

Real Change Highlighted at The Green Living Show
In taking in Joel Makower's talk at Green Living in Toronto, Jordy Gold is reminded that genuinely green corporate change is possible, even in the heart of the recession.

The Roots of Resistance 1: Battling Agents | The Roots of Resistance 2: Moral Filters
In a provocative two-part article, Karl Schroeder asks why we, as a civilization, resist confronting the consequences of our actions, especially where greenhouse gas emissions are concerned. He offers some surprising answers.

Bixi: the Bicycle-Taxi for a Bright Green City
Haven't got enough Bixi in your life? Daniel Haran looks at Montréal, one of the original Bixi bike-sharing cities, and helps us understand, despite its limitations, what makes this bike sharing system so special.

City Changing: Re-mixing Built Environments
What if we could re-write parts of our cities? Madeline Ashby wrestles with city-as-text, and how urban interventions and pervasive digital information might create cities where the rules "change by the hour."

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