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Solar Panels To Boost Property Prices
Joe Romm, 3 Sep 09

The UK website BusinessGreen reports on a survey of 2,700 UK adults, which “found that half of respondents are interested in finding out whether their home is suitable for renewable energy systems, such as solar panels”:

Meanwhile, over a third said they would be willing to pay more for a house where some of the energy was supplied by renewable sources, suggesting that those investing in microgeneration systems will be able to recoup some of the cost through increased house prices.

The same should apply in this country, especially since a lot Americans understand energy prices are going up whether or not there is a climate bill. The point is that as peak oil kicks in and the reality of human-caused climate change becomes painfully clear, energy efficiency, geothermal heat pumps, solar panels and the like will increasingly be seen as a desirable if not essential elements of a home, like an up-to-date kitchen, rather than just a “cost.”

The story on the from the Energy Saving Trust survey continues:

Philip Sellwood, chief executive of the Energy Saving Trust, said that the findings were good news for the UK’s emerging onsite renewables sector. “It seems Britons are willing to pay more for a home with a renewable energy source so investing in a solar panel or a wind turbine could add to the resale value of a property and be as attractive to house hunters as a new kitchen or solid wood floors,” he said.
The survey also confirmed that the high upfront cost of renewable energy systems — the cheapest solar energy systems cost over £3,000 and most technologies take anything between five and 25 years to deliver a return on investment — remains the main barrier to adoption.

Hence the need for maintaining tax credits, until we have a price for CO2 that represents its full damage cost.

This piece originally appeared in Climate Progress.

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Even if energy costs weren't on the rise, a solar system would make a house more valuable. If you buy a house that has solar, your electric bill will be lower than if you buy a house that gets its electricity from the power company.

The real question is whether it's worth it to invest in a home solar system. How many years will it take to recoup your cost? As the price of solar panels declines and the price of electricity from the power company rises, it makes sense for more people to install solar systems.

Posted by: Solar Panels for Sale on 5 Sep 09

It is our experience as a promoter of solar panels in the UK, that people are no longer buying solar as a green product as previously in the past, but as an investment in long term energy saving.

Posted by: Stuart on 7 Sep 09

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Posted by: Annie ( Property Today ) Wagner on 7 Oct 09

the introduction of the new feed in tariff means that solar panels are a worthwhile investment. The government are really getting behind our industry which is great news. http//

Posted by: wayne on 8 Mar 10

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