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Worldchanging 101: BUSINESS


Changing the world is good business.

Here are some of the most popular and enduring stories we've published in our first six years, stories we think offer a window into the Worldchanging archives. In these pages you'll find a treasury: more than 10,000 articles on cutting-edge solutions dating back as far as October 2003. This work pushes the boundaries of the global conversation on sustainability, social innovation and planetary thinking. Many of these writers are leaders in their respective industries.

To help get you started, we've compiled a primer in each of our seven meta-categories. We hope you'll use these guides as an entryway. Find the ideas you're most passionate about here, then explore our site for much, much more. Stay as long as you like, and please spread the word.

Understanding Business: Definitive Principles

Whether in government, business, science, technology or media, transparency is one of the key factors in demonstrating authenticity, establishing trust, and proving there's truth to claims of responsibility and sustainability.

Sustainability and the Future of Business
Increasingly, all sorts of people, from CEOs and economists to consumers and small investors, are realizing that we can remake business to truly serve the public good -- and make a lot of money in the process.

Carbon Neutrality and Climate Foresight
Climate neutrality is about knowing that we're doing the right thing: making sure we have no impact at all. On the other end of the spectrum, climate foresight is about knowing what's going to happen because of what we've already done.

Socially Responsible Investment, Patient Capital and Carbon Disclosure
Advocates of patient capital, corporate transparency and socially responsible investment say money should be a means of creating wealth -- the kind that enriches society, the environment, and our collective soul just as much as investors' financial standing.

Philanthropy and NGOs
NGOs are changing, beginning to respond to the emergence of millions of networked small donors, and becoming more nimble, more open and collaborative. They are also beginning to demand longer-term investments in the creation of considered strategies, intellectual groundwork and slowly-emerged innovations (especially in the sustainability arena). The foundations that support them are showing a growing dedication to transparency and awareness of their philanthropic footprints.

10 Landmark Posts on Business:

1. Corporate Political Transparency: The Green Business Rating We Really Need
By Alex Steffen
Published 1 April 2009

2. From Corporate Responsibility to Backstory Management
By Alex Steffen
Published 26 October 2007

3. Biomimicry 101
By Jer Faludi
Published 13 October 2005

4. Scenius, Innovation and Epicenters
By Alex Steffen
Published 26 June 2008

5. Don't Just Be the Change: Mass-Produce It
By Alex Steffen
Published 12 September 2007

6. A Code of Ethics for Sustainability Professionals
By Alan AtKisson
Published 2 November 2007

7. Transforming Philanthropy
By Alex Steffen
Published 18 January 2007

8. The Future of Philanthropy: Innovation, Networks, Thought Leaders and the Fringe
By Alex Steffen
Published 4 June 2007

9. Green Chemistry: Changing An Industry
By Jeremy Faludi
Published 9 July 2007

10. Could Globalization Be Going In Reverse?
By Alex Steffen
Published 4 August 2008

Image credit: marie-II, CC License

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