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Worldchanging 101: An Anniversary Collection


Worldchanging is six years old today!

To celebrate our sixth anniversary, we've created a collection of what you might think of as the Worldchanging canon: pieces that have had enduring popularity and that we think say something important. And it turns out the two overlap pretty well. After compiling a list of our most popular articles we noticed that a high proportion of our most read, forwarded and linked pieces not only represent groundbreaking work, they also highlight many of the core ideas we often discuss on Worldchanging.

Below you'll find the links to our anniversary series, Worldchanging 101. We hope this toolkit makes Worldchanging's big ideas exciting and accessible to all who want to rediscover some excellent writing, whether new to the site, or old friends. We encourage you to share what you like with others.

Worldchanging 101: PLANET

10 Landmark Posts on Planet:

1. Planetary Boundaries and the New Generation Gap
By Alex Steffen
Published 30 June 2009

2. Zero, Now.
By Alex Steffen
Published 10 March 2008

3. Preserving and Restoring Nature in a Rapidly Changing World
By Alex Steffen
Published 29 January 2008

4. Ecosystem Goods and Services Series: Valuation 101
By Hassan Masum, David Zaks and Chad Monfreda
Published 12 February 2007

5. Limits and Brilliance
By Alex Steffen
Published 19 June 2007

6. Colonizing Planet Earth
By Karl Schroeder
Published 12 August 2007

7. Understanding Extinction
By Alex Steffen
Published 24 January 2007

8. Oceans are the New Atmosphere
By Alex Steffen and Julia Levitt
Published 4 February 2009

9. Food, Fuel and Fiber? The Challenge of Using the Earth to Grow Energy
By Alan AtKisson
Published 22 December 2008 22

10. Earth Day: 10 Big, Really Hard Things We Can Do To Save the Planet
By Alex Steffen, Julia Levitt and Sarah Kuck
Published 22 April 2009

Worldchanging 101: POLITICS

10 Landmark Posts on Politics:

1. The Politics of Optimism
By Alex Steffen
Published 25 March 2008

2. Bright Green, Light Green, Dark Green, Gray: The New Environmental Spectrum
By Alex Steffen
Published 27 February 2009

3. The Empire of Crime
By Alex Steffen
Published 7 June 2007

4. Earth Phone Speech
By Jamais Cascio
Published 25 February 2006

5. New Orleans: Everything Has Changed
By Alex Steffen
Published 5 September 2005

6. Geoengineering and the New Climate Denialism
By Alex Steffen
Published 29 April 2009

7. Special Innovation Zone: Imagination Without Regulation
By Alex Steffen
Published 24 June 2009

8. The Worldchanging Interview: Clay Shirky
By Jon Lebkowsky
Published 31 March 2008

By Alex Steffen and Sarah Rich
Published 12 March 07

10. Can Rwanda's Vision 2020 National Leapfrogging Plan Succeed?
By Alex Steffen
Published 19 August 06

Worldchanging 101: BUSINESS

10 Landmark Posts on Business:

1. Corporate Political Transparency: The Green Business Rating We Really Need
By Alex Steffen
Published 1 April 2009

2. From Corporate Responsibility to Backstory Management
By Alex Steffen
Published 26 October 2007

3. Biomimicry 101
By Jer Faludi
Published 13 October 2005

4. Scenius, Innovation and Epicenters
By Alex Steffen
Published 26 June 2008

5. Don't Just Be the Change: Mass-Produce It
By Alex Steffen
Published 12 September 2007

6. A Code of Ethics for Sustainability Professionals
By Alan AtKisson
Published 2 November 2007

7. Transforming Philanthropy
By Alex Steffen
Published 18 January 2007

8. The Future of Philanthropy: Innovation, Networks, Thought Leaders and the Fringe
By Alex Steffen
Published 4 June 2007

9. Green Chemistry: Changing An Industry
By Jeremy Faludi
Published 9 July 2007

10. Could Globalization Be Going In Reverse?
By Alex Steffen
Published 4 August 2008

Worldchanging 101: COMMUNITY

10 Landmark Posts on Community:

1. Peak Population and Generation X
By Alex Steffen
Published 29 November 2008

2. Neighborliness, Innovation and Sustainability
By Alex Steffen
Published 7 April 2008

3. Anil Gupta and the Honeybee Network
By Sarah Rich
Published 21 March 2007

4. Lunch at the Langar: Exploring a Free Kitchen in Delhi
By Sarah Rich
Published 28 February 2007

5. South Africa's Free High School Science Texts
By Alex Steffen
Published 20 February 2007

6. Beyond Relief
By Alex Steffen
Published 29 December 2004

7. Worldchanging Interview: Wangari Maathai
By Sarah Kuck and Julia Levitt
Published 6 May 2009

8. Harlem Children's Zone and the Cost of a Child's Future
By Alex Steffen and Sarah Rich
Published 2 May 2007

9. Community Kitchens
By Julia Levitt
Published 3 June 2009

10. “My dream is for my daughter to find her future in Africa.”
By Ethan Zuckerman
Published 7 June 2007

Worldchanging 101: CITIES

10 Landmark Posts on Cities:

1. My Other Car is a Bright Green City
By Alex Steffen
Published 23 January 2008

2. Infrastructure for the Future We Want
By Alex Steffen
Published 13 February 2008

3. Bike-frastructure 101: Sharrows, Street Parking, Superhighways and More
By Sarah Kuck, Sean Conroe and Christa Morris
Published 28 August 2009

4. Free Parking Isn't Free
By Seth Zeren
Published 4 August 2009

5. Temporary Spaces and Creative Infill
By Julia Levitt
Published 22 July 2009

6. Pioneer City 2030: What the Energy System of the Future Looks Like
By Patrick Mazza
Published 5 July 2009

7. "Shared Space" Traffic Calming: Counterintuitive, But It Works
By Erica Barnett
Published 4 January 2008

8. The Outquisition
By Alex Steffen
Published 12 July 2008

9. The Ruins of the Unsustainable: Searching for Answers to the Suburbs
By Julia Levitt
Published 3 August 2009

10. Seattle To The World: Innovation from the Emerald City
By the Worldchanging Seattle Team
Published throughout 2008 and 2009

Worldchanging 101: SHELTER

10 Landmark Posts on Shelter:

1. Cities of the Future, Today
By Alex Steffen
Published 2 May 2008

2. Worldchanging Interview: Amory Lovins
By Julia Levitt
Published 23 March 2009

3. Grow Your Own Treehouse and other thoughts on Ecological Architecture
By Sarah Rich
Published 12 June 2006

4. Open Architecture Network and the Future of Design
By Alex Steffen
Published 1 February 2007

5. Smart Garage: An Integration Revolution
By Julia Levitt
Published 30 October 2008

6. Architecture 2030: An Interview with Ed Mazria
By Geoff Manaugh
Published 28 January 2007

7. Green Building for All
By Sarah Kuck
Published 21 May 2009

8. Green Building Simulation
By Jeremy Faludi
Published 11 October 2007

9. A Suburban Future of Concrete and Gardens: Nice, Right?
By Julia Levitt
Published 24 April 2009

10. Needed: Leadership From Architects and Designers
By Julia Levitt
Published 5 May 2009

Worldchanging 101: STUFF

10 Landmark Posts on Stuff:

1. Spinach, Feedlots and Knowing the Backstory
By Alex Steffen
Published 23 September 2006

2. Bright Green Retail
By Alex Steffen
Published 23 July 2009

3. Biomimicry 101
By Jeremy Faludi
Published 13 October 2005

4. Your Stuff: If It Isn't Grown, It Must be Mined
By Jeremy Faludi
Published 25 December 2007

5. Industrial Ecologies
By Dawn Danby
Published 11 December 2003

6. Recovery Parks, Free Geeks and Plasma: Vancouver Debates Zero Waste
By Julia Levitt
Published 1 July 2008

7. Strategic Consumption: How to Change the World with What You Buy
By Alex Steffen
Published 26 March 2007

8. Product Service Systems: Third Space Studios
By Julia Levitt
Published 22 April 2009

9. Use Community: Smaller Footprints, Cooler Stuff and More Cash
By Alex Steffen
Published 15 February 2007

10. The Problem with Big Green
By Alex Steffen and Julia Levitt
Published 24 June 2008

Image credit: frozenchipmunk, CC License

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