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Fun With Data: How US Workers Commute

By Mathew Katz

Bike Pittsburgh has posted some great, sortable data about how commuters get to work in major American cities, drawn from a Census Bureau report. As you'd expect, New York comes in as the city where the least amount of people commute solo by car -- only 23.3 percent, followed by 37.2 percent in Washington, D.C. and 38.4 percent in San Francisco. Wichita, Kansas ranks as the place with the highest percentage of drivers: 85.1 percent of commuters use a car to get to work. The unfortunate national median for commuting by car is 74.15 percent.

There's also an interesting chart on bike commuting trends by gender, in response to a Scientific American article which posits that cycling needs to be made more attractive to women in order to boost overall urban cycling numbers. The argument seems to check out: according to Bike Pittsburgh's data, even in cities with relatively high levels of bike commuters, men cycle to work significantly more than women.

Image: Census Bureau via Economix

This article originally appeared on Streetsblog New York City.

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Interesting - my hypothesis is that cities with the best public transportation will outdraw young talent, if the habits of the talented teens I know are indicative.

They just don't have any eagerness to drive, at all.

Posted by: Jessica Margolin on 13 Oct 09

I want to leave the USA because I can see no change in the auto centric society with cars be given priority over people. I am heading off to Europe once I wrap up the last year of school and am in City Planning. I am needing a large city that values humans, gives them priority, and has great mass transit (and is walkable). I cannot see the USA being like this in the next 50 years personally.

Posted by: Nate G on 13 Oct 09

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