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Alex Steffen at Town Hall Seattle Nov 11 & 12


Greeting Worldchangers,

Our two night event at Town Hall Seattle starts tomorrow! We are thrilled to invite you to Town Hall’s Center for Civic Life for an evening with Alex Steffen, Seattle City Council President Richard Conlin, Seattle Mayor-Elect Mike McGinn and the Worldchanging Team.

Each night, the doors will open at 6:30 pm. Come early and come hungry as Seattle's street food perfectionists from Skillet will be serving up delicious pre-talk snacks outside Town Hall. After a bite to eat, head inside to visit with other worldchangers and our fantastic sponsors: The American Institute of Architects, The Bullitt Foundation, Climate Solutions, The Community Coalition for Environmental Justice, The Fremont Brewing Company, Greendrinks, Groundwire, PubliCola, People’s Parking Lot, Three Degrees, Undriving, Urban Land Army, Seattle Tilth, The Sierra Club, Sightline, Sustainable Industries and Sustainable Seattle.

At 7:30 pm, Alex will give a 90 minute talk about the planetary challenges we face and cutting edge ideas about bright green solutions, sustainability and urban innovation. Night One features thoughts on our global future, while Night Two focuses on opportunities for Seattle. Tickets are $5 and are going fast. Details and links for purchasing are below. We strongly encourage you to purchase tickets in advance if you want to be sure of a seat.

After Alex's second talk on Thursday night, join other Worldchangers in the Town Hall lobby for great conversations, networking and delicious beer from the artisan brewers at The Fremont Brewing Company.

Good food, great drinks, inspiring people and provocative thinking -- all in one place! We are so excited about this event, and hope to see you there. The talks will also be recorded by KUOW-FM (NPR) and the Seattle Channel for broadcast on radio and television, and are being shot by a documentary film crew, who will be releasing the edited video as podcasts, so even if you're going to miss the events themselves you will have some chance to hear what Alex has to say.

The Worldchanging Team


Alex Steffen: Building a Planet with a Future
A two-night talk presented by Town Hall’s Center for Civic Life, 11/11 and 11/12

A New Global Future - Night One - Alex Steffen, introduced by Richard Conlin

Nine billion people on a straining planet is a recipe either for catastrophe or transformation. Which future we get - tragic disaster or sustainable prosperity - will depend largely on the choices we here in the developed world make. What is possible for billions of people rising out of poverty will be determined largely by the shape of the economy we create in places like Seattle. How do we understand what a bright green future looks like and how do we propel our region toward it? This first night will explore the breakthroughs in renewable energy, green building, clean technology, smart infrastructure and sustainable design that can enable the Pacific Northwest to not only help lead the planet away from catastrophe, but also to become an economic power house.

Seattle's Bright Green Moment - Night Two - Alex Steffen, introduced by Mayor-Elect Mike McGinn

Cities are the engines of a bright green economy. A new urban way of life is emerging that is not only ecologically frugal, but wealthier, healthier, and more enjoyable. At the same time, smart cities are becoming the hothouses of sustainable innovation, growing the designs, technologies, policies, and start up companies that will thrive in the new global economy. Learn how leading urban regions like London, Copenhagen, Melbourne and Seoul are scrambling to rebuild themselves on bright green lines in order to lead in the economy of tomorrow. Join the conversation on how we can use cutting edge practices such as innovation networks, metropolitan coalitions, and government 2.0 to break through the logjams blocking Seattle's progress to build a more vital, sustainable and prosperous home.


Tickets are $5.00
Click here to purchase tickets for the 11th, here to purchase tickets for the 12th.

Both talks will be in the Great Hall at Town Hall Seattle, and start 7:30 p.m. (doors at 6:30 p.m.). Each talk is 90 minutes, no intermission. Presented by Town Hall’s Center for Civic Life.

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So, someone's going to record this so we who are not in the Emerald City can see it too, right?

Posted by: Zane Selvans on 10 Nov 09

I went to he first talk, but, unfortunately, will miss the 2nd talk. I understand that it will be videod. How can a get a copy of the video. Much thanks. -Chad Nancarrow

Posted by: Chad Nancarrow on 12 Nov 09

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