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Building a Better Future: Our New Series on GOOD
Sarah Kuck, 10 Dec 09


A few days ago, the GOOD team published some of our thoughts about how to build a better future. The underlying theme in this series is imagination, and using it to choose our future. GOOD asked Alex to share his thoughts on COP-15; we ask you to imagine what victory in fighting against climate change might look like. We start off bringing you up to speed on climate change, run through an outline of what success might look like and then provide the questions that you and your fellow citizens will need to answer together in order to play your part in the solution.

Part 1: Building a Better Future: A Crash Course on Climate Change

Life on a warming planet can make even optimists feel beaten. The climate news is so bad, the challenges so daunting, and the time to act growing so short that we can all be forgiven if from time to time we assume defeat is a given, that we're going to melt the poles and torch the rainforests and circle the planet in deserts, and there's just nothing we can realistically do about it. But the tougher things get, the more important it becomes to practice a radical act: Imagine victory.

Part 2: Building a Better Future: Imagining Zero-carbon Solutions

Want to build a better future for your city and your fellow citizens? Start by considering these eight sets of questions to ask yourself about your city. Once you can answer them, you will have a better understanding of your impact, which you can then improve. If we apply ourselves to changing our cities and the way in which we live in them, the fight against climate change might not seem so hard to win.

We hope these pieces will give you the information and motivation you will need to start re-imagining the future of your city. What role would you like to play? Which systems do you find most inspiring?

Image credit: Jennifer Daniel

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Two great reads.

"I am here to serve."
The Window Man

Posted by: The Window Man on 10 Dec 09

Very informative here. We need more green companies period.

Posted by: SoyLicious Candles on 11 Dec 09

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