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A Voice For Indigenous People At Copenhagen
Joe Romm, 15 Dec 09

The poorest suffer the most for our myopic greed

We were people pushed out of our home lands, left to eat mud, to keep our life, our culture distorted and our identity eliminated. We craved on streets and were crushed by the mighty before we had a days meal. Then came a call revebrating in our ears,

“born in unjust society we shall not die in it, until we change it.”

Along with, and together with the caller, we now strive to regain all that we lost, our homelands, our culture, our identity and thus for dignified exixtence and survival as distinct people of national polity.

No group suffers more from — but contributes less to — human-caused climate change than the indigenous people of the world. In industrialized countries, we don't hear enough from those voices. I happened to be in line today next to V. S. Roy David, of CORD (Coorg Organization of Rural Development), based at “Kushalnagar of Somwarpet in Coorg District” in India's Karnataka State about 150 miles from Bangalore, the State capital. Here’s what he had to say after more than three decades representing indigenous people:

CORD’s motto — “born in unjust society we shall not die in it, until we change it” — should be the motto of us all.

This piece originally appeared on Climate Progress.

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