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Headlines from Worldchanging Canada
Mark Tovey, 8 Mar 10

(February 2010)


Top stories from our Canadian blog:

On-street rumble strips for bike paths—removing barriers to active transportation in the Winter City | Rod Edwards
"The best idea I heard was to use rumble strips—make the strip as wide as the painted line on the street, and drivers suddenly have a great haptic reminder when they invade the bike lane. And, rumble strips won't get scraped off by snowplows, won't wash away like paint, don't interfere with cross-traffic (like curbs), and still allow for parking."

Visions Desirable, Present and Future | Mark Tovey

"Here at WorldChanging, we often have conversations about how best to envision desirable futures. .... Alex Roman's masterfully rendered film, The Third & The Seventh, points the way. .... Herein we find a ravishing portrayal of a the play of light and shadow created by wind turbines (7:24), an enchanting subterranean reflection pool with a green roof (7:57), and a gorgeous forest dwelling, seemingly self-sustaining (8:32)."

Can Slums Save the Planet? | Madeline Ashby

"Obviously, the gist is not that we should all convert to slum life. But Brand imagines certain aspects of it (the density, the upcycling, the walkability) can combine with bright green technologies to make urban centres more liveable and sustainable."

Mapping the USA's Food | Garry Peterson

"The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has introduced the Food Environment Atlas, a new web-based data visualization tool. The atlas is an interactive online tool that allows people to visualize various food related information at the USA county level."

If you're from Canada, we'd love to hear from you! Check out and leave comments, or suggest a story via the WorldChanging Canada contact form.

Image Credit: Belo Horizonte
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It pays for us to remember that Industry (and by extension us) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nature.
We take care if it, it takes care of us.
We need to mend the greatly out of balance symbiosis and reconnect.

Posted by: Link on 9 Mar 10

Posted by: Conrad loker on 14 Jul 10

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