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Hans Rosling Plays with Legos
Amanda Reed, 5 Apr 10
"We have enough human resources, enough capital, [and] enough possibilities to make a good world. Let's do it! Because it's possible."

Watch this video to see Hans Rosling play with Legos as a way of illustrating how the world's population will grow by 2050:

This video was produced as part of Ericcson's "2020 Shaping Ideas" project, in which 20 global thinkers are asked to share their views of the drivers and trends for the future.


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Well, let's see. A world of 10 billion people? Not my hope. The US is still growing, so we'll get to 400 million in that time - more crowded cities, more pressure on wild places to give in to suburban sprawl, more eroded and degraded farmland and pollution. Then, there's the crowded slums of the world, more crowded and unhappy people will be. Those who are going to be hungry and without clean water - more of them. This video simplifies things. No mention of climate change and how population growth exacerbates that issue. No mention of peak oil and the Long Emergency talked about by many authors. No mention of the difficulties that will only get harder when you factor in a changing climate and lack of easy access to the best and cheapest fuel as we run out. Sorry, but this should be balanced by a showing of "Thanks for Not Breeeding" @

Posted by: Albert Kaufman on 5 Apr 10

Yes, it is a simple four minute video, and presenting the optimistic scenario (rather than the crash and burn one). It's a half-full glass to Hans, which is part of what I like about him.

Posted by: Alex N Steffen on 5 Apr 10

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