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Headlines from Worldchanging Canada
Mark Tovey, 5 Apr 10

(March 2010)


Top stories from our Canadian blog:

YikeBike, the first of the minifarthings | Mark Tovey
"In the tradition of the Segway and Dominic Hargreaves' folding mountain bike, comes the Yike. Like the Segway, it's a very compact, electric way of getting around. Like Hargreaves' invention, it folds into a compact form. However it's smaller and lighter than both of them. It weighs less than 10kg, and you can carry it in a shoulder bag."

The World's Free Virtual School: an interview with Salman Khan | Hassan Masum

"Salman Khan is the man behind Khan Academy, a 2009 Tech Award winning site with 12+ million views and 1200+ 10-minute "videos on YouTube covering everything from basic arithmetic and algebra to differential equations, physics, chemistry, biology and finance". We talked with him about building "the world's free virtual school", the potential of open-access learning, using the format for sustainability debates, and challenges in growing a non-profit from zero to global impact."

Why are there so few positive stories about the future? | Garry Peterson

"On, science fiction novelist and critic Jo Walton speculates about why there are not more positive futures?"

A crash course in saving the world starts today | Mark Tovey

"Jane McGonigal, of World Without Oil and SuperStruct fame has turned her attention to producing a gaming experience which elicits social innovation and changemaking. It's called 'Urgent Evoke: a crash course in saving the world'"

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Image Credit: YikeBike
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