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Make Your Own 2010 Attention Grant Here!

You're invited to join the Worldchanging network in Attention Philanthropy 2010 by giving the gift of attention to a person, cause or resource you think deserves more attention than it gets. Please post your "grant" in the comments below.

It couldn't be easier. Here are the guidelines:

1. Your grant may be to a person, organization, event, website, book, database -- really anything, as long as you have no financial stake in its success.

2. Your grant must either be for a solution (or person/organization working on or exploring solutions) or for a resource for understanding a given problem that is so new and insightful that it is in itself a step towards solving the problem.

3. Your grant should come with a citation of 200 words (or fewer), simply explaining what the awardee does and why that's 'worldchanging.' Pithy works. Including links is most welcome.

Caveats: Please be aware of the comment thread and avoid multiple pieces granting attention to the same grantee. We won't publish hate speech, climate denialism, creationism or other ideas that we think are unconstructive or spiteful. Otherwise, anything's fair game.

We look forward to reading a crowd-sourced catalog of worldwide best work!

Thank you,
The Worldchanging Team

Editor's Note: See last year's crowd-sourced Attention Grants here.

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we are told many things, I shout out to great poets and teachers that we give them the time needed to honor their efforts. Only solutions, that snippet from John Lennon's watchin' the wheels go round is a strong base from which to balance

Posted by: Ed on 25 May 10

Under Construction:

I am hosting a Internet/Live Green Music Festival in which
we will donate Seventy-Five percent (75% of Gate and
Internet Sales) to worthy Non-profits that are legally and
politically trying to SAVE Our PLANET.

I am available for Interviews and Comments.

Help change the PLANET now...rather than later, when it
will be to little and too late.

Action is needed NOW!

Roch Jimenez
(Roc He~men~ez)
Executive Coordinator
Party 4 Our Planet Music Festival

Posted by: Roch Jimenez on 25 May 10

I would like to nominate re:char. They are developing small-scale biochar systems for farmers in the developing world. They could generate huge impact on climate change and soil depletion in places like Sub-Saharan Africa. Here is a link to their Pop!Tech talk:

Posted by: James Schrent on 27 May 10

Check out the EngagingAction team. Founded to help facilitate and optimize sustainable social campaigns geared towards vigor and change, EngagingAction has taken an innovative and remarkably interesting approach to campaign design. With an insightful and fundamental view on global sustainability issues and a realistic grasp of the reworking that is needed, as well as months of research on social campaign strategies under their belt, the EngagingAction team outlines behaviour change strategies that could revolutionize the approach to building social campaigns. To ensure a holistic and inclusive approach to communications development, they focus on four vital areas: Drivers and Barriers to Behaviour Change, Audience Segmentation, Behavious Adoption Lifecycle, and Communication and Media Choice.

EngagingAction has worldchanging potential due to its intrinsic mission - to effectively build and transform human behaviour and communication towards a more sustainable social zeitgeist.

Posted by: Jennifer Katan on 28 May 10

I would like to nominate the good work of both the Little Sister's Fund ( and a partner project, GirlWorld Project ( for their high impact work to support women's education and the importance of the GirlEffect (

The Little Sisters Fund provides long-term scholarships for economically disadvantaged girls in Asia. Girls who, without the educational support of the Little Sisters Fund, would be many times more susceptible to the evils of Child Labor, Child Marriage and Child Trafficking (including the international sex industry). The GirlWorld Project seeks to document the lives of 3 of the 'little sisters' as they benefit and bloom with their education over the next five years.


"Those of us with the ability have the responsibility to make a positive difference."

And, all of the nominees can find community and momentum at

Posted by: Suzanne Pinckney on 28 May 10

Calling all Students:


Arnie's course @ Cal!!!

Oh goody, I get to sing the praises of a delightfully gifted Teacher = Arnold M. Schultz, Professor Emeritus (retired : ) Conservation & Resource Studies, UC Berkeley.

Imagine Santa Claus teaching college courses; that's what it was like studying under Arnie's boldly gentle tutelage =

Learn good, new ways to perceive life's wondrous support systems =

Enjoy some decent tragicomic reflections on our "oh so human" predicament =!raisinb.htm

I still savor the good fortune of auditing one of Arnie's last "Ecosystemology" courses about fifteen years ago.

Regarding my opening words' invocation/invitation (especially welcoming fellow Students who celebrated in the "Kitchen Event" and also enjoyed Nate's culinary creativity : ) let's help bring some more of Arnie's delightful insights into our species' current/emergent, global/local, public education/evolution.

Appreciating Earth's ecosystems IS a renewable, human resource and Arnie's playful pedagogy was all about such appreciation.

Among other good folks who benefited from Arnie's classroom craft and teaching artistry, Debora Hammond actually serves today's Students ... continuing the ancient human practice of enabling lovers of learning to evolve:

Posted by: Paul on 28 May 10

I would like to nominate: The Humanure Handbook. This book, if it was more common knowledge around the world could help poor and more wealthy countries alike deal with issues of dirty drinking water, lack of soil fertility, water shortage issues, human pathogens, and huge aging sewage systems that do nothing but pollute. Its funny, informative, and tackles a taboo issue here in an industrialized nation. And after the book being an easy read, the reader also comes out with a better understanding about biology, nature and what we need to do next to help live in harmony with earth. Its not high-tech, but it is a big solution provider. It would be nice to have this book translated and given to knowledge, and permaculture hubs around the globe.

Posted by: Lori Hayes on 1 Jun 10

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