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Any Sulistyowati and KaiL: Grassroots Worldchanging in Indonesia

Nominated by Alan AtKisson

Any Sulistyowati and her NGO KaiL in Indonesia are super worldchanging typical of the kinds of processes that are actually meaningful, impactful, and beautiful in her part of the world. How does change happen? You envision something. You figure out how make that something real. You motivate/animate/facilitate/lead/guide/shake loose a bunch of real people to do real stuff -- even hard, seemingly impossible, against-all-the-odds kind of stuff. Usually out of love. Which means, hardly anyone gets paid a thing, most people are doing what they do because it’s the right thing to do. Volunteers. Time-donors. People with jobs who figure how to do what they should be doing, no matter what the job actually consists of. With that, you help people build biogas installations, or save threatened natural areas, or help communities come together to heal after a major tsunami or earthquake. And better yet, you also teach other people to do what you do, that is, motivating people to do real stuff, so the multiplier effects kick in, positive feedback loops proliferate, exponential growth (the good kind) occurs...

That’s Any and her colleagues in a nutshell.

A word about KaiL's website: Folks like these are not to be judged by their websites. They are not usually good at making websites, but their websites at least signal, “We’re here, we’re doing it, we’re real.” It helps if you can understand a bit of Bahasa, but there’s English here too:

Image Credit: Halmahera Island, North Maluku, Indonesia by Flickr/Eustaquio Santimano, Creative Commons License.

Alan is the founder and director the AtKisson Group, and author of Believing Cassandra: An Optimist Looks at a Pessimist's World (1999) and The ISIS Agreement: How Sustainability Can Improve Organizational Performance and Transform the World (Earthscan, Sept 2008).

Editor's Note: This piece is part of Worldchanging's Attention Philanthropy campaign. All week long, the Worldchanging Network will be delivering "attention grants" to worthy projects, individuals, resources and more. You can learn more about these gifts of notice and find other entries by clicking here.

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