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Pockets of Architectural Freedom: A Resource Map for Finding Green Building Friendly Jurisdictions

Nominated by Mark Tovey

Those of you who watched Garbage Warrior will know a little about Michael Reynolds' bid to create a legally safe space for architectural experiments. Here's a fascinating map (plus an update) from the earthship website showing places "where permitting for environmentally friendly housing is quick and easy." The map is supplemented with a helpful video, explaining the idea further. This "Pockets of Freedom" map turns the usual approach on its head. Rather than spend months or years of fruitless effort to try to change the rules of where you are, the map gives you the information needed to move to a jurisdiction where the rules are already congenial. Ideally, this could allow for more rapid deployment of green technologies. And, just perhaps, a few people voting with their feet would encourage a re-think in the place they're moving from. This map relates to green housing, but there's no reason this principle couldn't be extended to any number of other environmental practices.

Mark Tovey is the editor of Worldchanging Canada

Editor's Note: This piece is part of Worldchanging's Attention Philanthropy campaign. All week long, the Worldchanging Network will be delivering "attention grants" to worthy projects, individuals, resources and more. You can learn more about these gifts of notice and find other entries by clicking here.

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