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The Remix Project: An Arts + Cultural Incubator in Toronto

Nominated by Gabriella Gomez-Mont

The Remix Project is a cultural incubator working with young people who have been written off by mainstream society. Whether because they have dropped out of high school, possess a criminal record or are just labeled "at-risk" because of their zip code, The Remix Project recognizes the potential of these young people and works with them from an asset based approach. It is because of this approach that Remix has received awards and accolades since its inception in 2006. For almost four years now, the program has successfully graduated close to 120 young people from diverse backgrounds and situations who have gone on to comprise the backbone of Toronto's urban cultural and lifestyle industries.

Despite all these successes, The Remix Project itself approaches a state of crises. Nearly half of its funding came through research from National Crime Prevention Canada (NCPC). Deemed a success by NCPC and worthy of replication in cities around the country, they are unfortunately unable to continue to fund any additional programs past the initial “pilot” and “research” phase.

Replicated in South Africa and Brazil with partners in Colombia, Chile and Jamaica the need for community support for this United Nations award-winning, life and technical skills program is major.

Gabriella Gómez-Mont is the founder of Tóxico Cultura and a TED Senior Fellow 2010-2013.

Editor's Note: This piece is part of Worldchanging's Attention Philanthropy campaign. Last week, the Worldchanging Network delivered "attention grants" to worthy projects, individuals, resources and more. You can learn more about these gifts of notice and find other entries by clicking here.

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