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The best of 2010, so far: 11-15

As we pause for our summer break, we thought it would be to see what you, the readers, have liked so far this year. Over 1.8 million of you have visited the site in the last 6 months. We compiled a list of the top 25 stories you've liked the most in 2010:

  1. Walkshed Technologies and the Smart City by Alex Steffen
    Most of us only feel comfortable walking a certain distance from our homes -- what urbanists call our "walkshed." If we're restricted to only looking for things (and meeting people) in person, those walksheds can feel constricting and insufficient, even in really vibrant compact neighborhoods. But as we gain insight into the places around us and connection to the people nearby, our walksheds can unfold with possibilities...Our cities are bursting with opportunities we miss simply because they're invisible from the street. Walkshed technologies make visible the invisible neighborhoods we stroll through every day...

  2. New Energy Hubs: Transit-Oriented Development Meets District Energy by Patrick Mazza
    Installing advanced new energy technologies while building transit-oriented developments will yield multiple efficiencies. TODs entail construction of dense neighborhoods. Compact communities are ideally served by district plant and piping systems supplying hot water and building heat. Economies of scale make district systems significantly more energy efficient that single building systems. District energy plants can also cogenerate electricity, and be powered with renewable fuels such as biomass or ground heat.

  3. The Seattle Talks
    In November, shortly before heading off to COP-15, Alex Steffen spoke for two nights at Seattle's Town Hall. Over the course of these two talks, Alex explored why the planetary crisis we now face demands a different vision of sustainable prosperity - a bright green future in which sustainability becomes the means through which we provide increased prosperity, security and quality of life for every person on the planet...We've had many, many requests to post the video of those talks, and now (with great thanks to the Bullitt Foundation for their support), here they are...

  4. The Ghost of a Green Los Angeles by Alex Steffen
    L.A. might have been a paradise, of course, had it come up differently. Had it been a city of walkable neighborhoods, street cars, home solar, wild rivers, undeveloped beaches, gardens of water-sipping native plants (all proposed more than 100 years ago), it might have ended up the greenest major city on the planet, and a marvel of livability. Instead, of course, it's Gatsby's green light for all America.

  5. Design Indaba 2010 by Julia Levitt
    Readers in the design world were no doubt following last week's events in Cape Town, South Africa, where emerging and established talents from all corners of the design industry gathered for the Design Indaba. The 3-day conference is one of the industry's leading annual events; a unique showcase where top minds in branding share the stage with graffiti artists and cutting-edge talents from the rapidly rising nations known collectively as BASIC (Brazil, South Africa, India and China)...One of my favorite onstage moments was a new addition to the program: Six accomplished graduates from leading design institutions around the globe presented their work in the Pecha Kucha format: each showed 20 slides for 20 seconds apiece, resulting in a reenergizing outburst of diverse creativity neatly contained in under 40 minutes. In the spirit of Pecha Kucha brevity, I've distilled the week's events into my own (albeit briefer) series of 15 sound bites, Worldchanging-style...

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all the articles are very good.I like walkshed and the smart city this article how to interact with the people not by face to face but we can easily interact with the people through the net also.

Posted by: mmang on 8 Jul 10

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